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Lars Roberts and Romina Streifinger
Lars Roberts and Romina Streifinger

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Accra, Ghana
Volunteering in Ghana
Jonas Holmsgaard
My volunteer trip to Ghana was the most life changing thing I have ever done. I grew as a person and as a professionel. I was in the health care program and worked in a small clinic in the fisher village, Senya Beraku. I did injections, vitals and helped in cleaning wounds. Furthermore, I participated in some medical outreaches where a lot of children and infants were tested for malaria and treated if needed. My experience with the health care program was mindblowing and definitely a life changing experience. I learned a lot about myself, the culture and so on. The people in the program, both Laud and Seth (the man who is responsible for the volunteers in Senya Beraku) were absolute helpful during the adventure and some of the most wonderful people I have ever met. I worked along some nice people from around the world. This experience will definitely gives you strengh as a person, and as a professionel in the health care system. You will face defficulties and may experience less nice things along the way. The journey itself require courage. So when you decide to take the step into another world and go work as a volunteer, TANF is a great way through this. Laud is working so hard to keep his organisation going so that a lot of children can have a descent living. I admire him very much.
So what i'm trying to say is that; Go volunteer and go with TANF. It will not dissapoint you!
Prime Educational and Social Trust
Prime Educational and Social Trust
Puducherry, India
A lot of heart
I first volunteered with Prime Trust for a summer as a college student in 2011. I made such good bonds with the staff and became so attached to their work that I returned again in 2014 with my husband. I found volunteering with Prime Trust refreshing compared to other agencies I had looked at, the prices are reasonable and having been there I know a large portion of that goes to support the NGOs programs in the community. I also enjoy that Prime Trust is a stand-alone organization, it isn't tied to any larger NGO or headquarters far away. Prime Trust is in Pondicherry, India responding to the needs there in every way they can.

The staff at Prime Trust are very open and supportive. It's a very flexible program, and volunteers can determine what projects they what to get involved in depending on their length of stay and interests. Many volunteers even develop new programs or methods, which staff encourages.

Personally, my two times with Prime Trust I taught English at the evening school and helped with their website and some fundraising/grant writing efforts. I lived with volunteers who spent time with the children in the orphanage, organizing fun field trips like swimming lessons, and other volunteers were their for research purposes and wrote their graduate papers regarding Prime Trust's microfinance program.

The staff are excellent at taking care of you while you are away from home as well. I was taken care of when I got sick, and checked in on regularly to make sure I was settling in okay and had everything I needed. Pondicherry itself is a great city with good food. Prime Trust housing is within walking distance of some great street vendors and if you're really ready to walk you can make it to some excellent restaurants and the French Quarter.

Overall, Prime Trust truly became a home away from home for me and I learned so much in each of my volunteer experiences with them. The staff truly are working to help the needy in their community, and their openness to new ideas and help from international and domestic volunteers makes it a very exciting place to be.
Himalayan volunteering opportunities
Himalayan volunteering opportunities
Barkot town, India
Amazing Experience!
Jorge jackson
I had initially opted for a 2 week stay at this project but ended up staying for around 3 weeks. It was my first time getting involved in a volunteer project and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I was nervous about volunteer, thinking there was potential for money making schemes but this is a genuine project where you do genuine work that mainly benefits the local school but you will also see your presence has a positive impact on the local community. You will be welcomed with open arms from the local community also, which makes your time at the project filled with love and joy. Although there is scope at this project to help out best where you can, Naveen, the project leader is always keen for new ideas to help the project. During my time I suggested a facebook page for volunteers to help manage and give insite into daily volunteer life, to help with keeping the project transparent and allow people to keep up to date with the project. So overall, amazing experience and would do it all over again! Thanks Naveen

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