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Abaana Community Outreach Africa (ACO-Africa)

Kampala, Uganda
The most unique and valuable experience of my life
Josefiina Olkkonen
I volunteered for ACO-Africa for two months in 2016 and really enjoyed my time with them. The organisation works in different districts so I got to see many sides of Uganda and learned so much about its culture and people and also about myself.
I would recommend ACO-Africa to anyone who is looking for a placement where you can really have an influence and help people. The organisation is very small so you really get to be an important part of it and see what it does in practice. The director of the organisation, John, is a heartfelt person and he takes good care of his volunteers. The accommodation and upkeep ACO-Africa provides are good although you obviously can't be too fussy about them. What it comes to the tasks of the volunteers, John is very liberal and you can do almost whatever you want for the organisation. I asked if I could do some teaching and John organized it for me. The organisation has limited funds but if you want to contribute something there are endless opportunities. We, for example, painted a school with an other volunteer and it was such a memorable and rewarding process.
All in all, ACO-Africa is a small but a significant charity and I'm very grateful that I got to work for them!


Berlin, Germany
Dina Elizabeth Zavala Torres
hola de que se trata

Peru Vivential

A great Experience!
Penelope Jane Gallacher
The work being done here is truly wonderful, and the children appreciate everything! William & the other volunteers do everything possible to make teaching English fun and the results and feedback are great.
The dog shelet project is also very worthy, with the bulk of the work there being done by just one man - so the help of the volunteers is invaluable!
The volunteer apartment has everything you need - good wifi, hot water, kitchen etc - and is situateed in an ideal location on the outskirts of Trujillo, near a big, modern shopping mall and many cheap local restaurants and the traditional markey.
Thank you Peru Vivential for the opportunity to be part of this very worthwhile project!

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I am incredibly grateful to the GivingWay Team, because through their platform I was able to find exactly what I was looking for and I would recommend it to anyone planning or even just considering a volunteering experience abroad. -
Thanks to the review system on the website you get an honest and reliable opinion... which helps to make the right decision. Over all we got the feeling that GivingWay is really concerned about a good experience for volunteers and supporting local projects...This is exactly what we had been looking for and for our next volunteering experience we will definitely go through GivingWay again! -
One of the best volunteer organizations platform, in my opinion is the GivingWay. They work...making sure that the volunteer has every opportunity to make a lasting positive impact, benefiting both the volunteer and, most importantly, the local community... This platform, has set a mark for finding quality volunteering opportunities throughout the world.Givinway is a bright and bold light shining through -

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