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I am incredibly grateful to the GivingWay Team, because through their platform I was able to find exactly what I was looking for and I would recommend it to anyone planning or even just considering a volunteering experience abroad. -
Thanks to the review system on the website you get an honest and reliable opinion... which helps to make the right decision. Over all we got the feeling that GivingWay is really concerned about a good experience for volunteers and supporting local projects...This is exactly what we had been looking for and for our next volunteering experience we will definitely go through GivingWay again! -
Within a few hours I found 4 great options through this platform. The GivingWay team kept in touch with me all throughout my volunteering period; and followed up with me after my placement ended. They were receptive, supportive and encouraging before, during and after my volunteering period - Thanks GivinWay Team! -
One of the best volunteer organizations platform, in my opinion is the GivingWay. They work...making sure that the volunteer has every opportunity to make a lasting positive impact, benefiting both the volunteer and, most importantly, the local community... This platform, has set a mark for finding quality volunteering opportunities throughout the world.Givinway is a bright and bold light shining through -


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Bianca is a freelance writer from Sydney, Australia and a strong advocate for responsible tourism, fair trade and community development. She has spent much of her time travelling the world, sharing inspirational stories, connecting with grassroots organizations and showing us how responsible travel can have a positive social and environmental impact on the people and places we visit.


Responsible travel and volunteering abroad

Brianne is the principal of Kind Communications, providing communications consulting and content creation services to non-profit organizations, and her blog, A Traveling Life, focuses on how to balance a professional career with a life of travel. Among many of her ongoing endeavors, she is a contributor to Immersion Travel Magazine and Ethical Traveler, and she has a strong interest in promoting responsible travel.


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Ho, Ghana
Incredible, impactful, and safe.
Joe Pelt
I cannot say enough good things about Richard and HCDP. I spent three months with HCDP, and each day was a new best day of my life. Richard and his team are incredibly hospital and help you integrate into and learn the culture and values of those in Ho! I felt at home from the time I arrived. I never once felt in any kind of danger. The person I lived with was amazing. I made an entire new family in Ghana. I would recommend traveling to HCDP to stay to any one at any age! It is mostly college students, but my mom also came the last two weeks of my three-month stay and LOVED her time there also.
Richard is extremely flexible and works for you to have a great experience. The food was delicious nad plentiful.

If you are looking to travel and volunteer, HCDP is the place to go. This is a trip you will tell your kids about and your kids' kids about.

If you ever have any questions please feel free to reach out to me at joepelt@hotmail.com or on Facebook!
Leket Israel
Raanana, Israel
God's hand....in different way
Amitabh Sharma Kailashi
Nice and inovative ,we salute you .
Kasese, Uganda
Making a Difference
Kelli Shane
The Director of LUYODEFO, Ndungo Samuel, has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He cares very deeply for the people of Uganda and dedicates his life to his life-saving, empowering programs in order to help the most vulnerable of Kasese. If you have the opportunity to work with him and his team, you will not regret it. It has been our honor to partner with him and be a part of the amazing work of LUYODEFO.

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