What we're about

What We're About

Two interesting things have happened in recent years:

Volunteering abroad has become extremely popular.
Volunteering abroad has become extremely commercialized.

People seeking to volunteer abroad often get lost in an avalanche of overwhelming information, much of it peddled by middlemen and placement agencies. In an industry heavily dominated by corporate matchmakers, it has become difficult – and expensive - to find needy and reputable local organizations seeking volunteers.

This is why we created GivingWay.

We want to level the playing field and make volunteering abroad accessible to all. We believe everyone should be able to find the cause they want to support and that doing so should be as simple as possible.

We also believe that when volunteers communicate directly with the actual organizations, the chances of matching skills with the real needs on the ground are far greater, leading in turn to a much more impactful experience for all involved.

To be very clear: we are what you call a "social impact" tech company. This means we are a for-profit company with a strong social agenda that runs through everything we do here at GivingWay. While access to all information about volunteering opportunities and organizations is free, we do require a small fee for using the tools we developed (and are constantly improving) to provide our community with the best services we can.

So that's us. We truly hope you enjoy our services – we for sure enjoy providing them!