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Who we are

We are a cooperative international non-governmental organization, a Bitnation, a decentralized autonomous cloud based enterprise, an offshore foundation, benign non-state actor, white-hat social media advocate, think tank and civil society organization that promotes goodwill and civil service.

Agriculture Work
Conservation Work
Arts and Crafts
Human Rights Work

We need volunteers that can work with construction, remodeling, agriculture, permaculture, social services, community center formation and with recreational activities. We also like volunteers that are amateur photographers, writers and vloggers.

Globcal International has several permanent international missions and several temporary missions. We can normally always accommodate new volunteers and develop planned projects (group and solo acts) around those who are committed to taking on responsibility and committed to seeing through their obligations.

We have several long standing programs one is in the rainforest of the Amazon and the other is in Mexico working on a coffee plantation. Both programs involve working with native indigenous peoples and are available all year long.

Other programs are task mission oriented or developed based on need, volunteer power and available funding so we are always open to hearing from volunteers to pair them with one of our members or ambassadors to develop new projects and missions.

Volunteers can work with international cooperation projects, sustainable development, agricultural consulting and environmental education missions for a period of no less than 30 days and no more than 180 days. (1 month to 6 months)

All of our situations are programmed and developed to accommodate international volunteers with beds, hammocks or tents. Volunteers are encouraged to have at least some basic camping equipment, a backpack and be outfitted when they arrive.

We ensure that the mission camps all organize at least one daily meal at 11:00 am that is prepared communally. Volunteers need to help or self-prepare other meals.



We have a great need for volunteers will all sorts of skills that are willing to contribute to the enrichment of the organization, we can usually accommodate them through the use of Google Apps and other cloud based programs..

Logo and Graphic Design
Social Media Help
Video/Photo Editing
Editing Work
Grant Writing
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Globcal International is an unincorporated international non-governmental organization (iNGO) and benign non-state actor (NSA) established as an offshore international foundation and cooperative start-up enterprise (in formation). Our organization is headed by a commission of internationally recognized goodwill ambassadors that work exclusively with individuals (natural persons) notwithstanding the state under private international law.

Our organization is nonpolitical. nonreligious, and non-profit effort that does not have jurisdictional boundaries because it is offshore foundation. It is a mutual benefit cooperative society and international foundation established exclusively by members for its members as a fellowship of like-minded friends. Each member is individually responsible as an owner of their interest and collective membership investment.

Our organization operates an exclusive global citizenship and goodwill ambassador program in a partnership with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda. All those who volunteer with us become global citizens if they are not already by nature.

The organization produces programs and projects in the form of international goodwill missions with ambassadors in over 50 nations with water, sustainable development and conservation of the natural environment.


20 to 50 people

We have different volunteer programs for young travelers, academic interns earning credit and independent apprenticeships with unrepresented and indigenous peoples societies. Generally volunteers can expect to pay the costs involved for equipment, basic supplies, transportation and food; while lodging and some meals are provided.

All volunteers are requested to join our organization as a global citizen for $30 and further establish friendship and understanding of the benefits of membership. The reservation fee supports the foundation trust with a one-time donation of $100 to provide administrative support. As a global citizen you are agreeing to abide by the principles of international law, our bylaws as a member, understand your special legal status as an international volunteer (mission visitor/worker), and consent to the ideals of the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Generally costs average between $5-15 daily on average for those coming to volunteer on international missions for a month or more, those coming for less than a month can expect to pay 30-50% more.

Academic volunteers interns needing conciliatory services come on a flat rate program that normally costs the student or school $750 for 6 weeks, the fee provides security, airport pick-up, a guide, lodging in-between, in country transportation and academic administration by a professional educator.


Strohmayergasse 3, Vienna, Austria.



Globcal International is an organization that works under treaty and diplomatic authority that is granted through protocol and the law, depending on the situation and the length of a volunteer's term some countries admit subjects with special credentials as a visitor instead of a tourist, it is important in such case to be part of our global citizenship program.

After arriving in a country volunteers can expect to spend 36-72 hours traveling to their destinations. We provide credits and subsidize costs based on a person making a specific commitment towards a project at their leisure and convenience to exercise their mindfulness, ambitions and abilities.

Those who cannot spend at least 30 days involved in a mission should participate as WorkAway or HelpX (work-exchange) volunteer programs at one of our permanent missions in Venezuela or Mexico.

All volunteers should be prepared to endure harsh travel climatic conditions and circumstances so they should be very well prepared for outdoor climatic factors with a good backpack and proper outfitting.

We accept large donations of negotiated surplus usable personal property, goods and materials that we can sell or utilize. Ambassadors get local and international sponsors to arrange collection events and shipping. Donors are welcome to donate directly by sending shipments of goods which we can recover from many global port destinations.

Jeeps, VW Vans
Soccer shoes
Sports equipment
Fiberglass canoes
Outdoor equipment
Scout uniforms

Email for more info.

Your Contact Person - Ambassador Col. David J. Wright

: (+58) 212-516-0361

: problemsmith