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Huanchaco al Rescate

Trujillo, Peru, South America

Who we are

We are an NGO which carries out two projects in the our city.
Our mission is to help the most disadvantaged in our community , animals (dogs and cats ) and people who are forgotten by the Peruvian Government.

Animal Care
Arts and Crafts


The first project , we needs volunteers to help in a rescue centre
for abandoned animals (primarily dogs).
we have 30 dogs.
We aim to provide a safe haven for these animals. Necessary tasks include the cleaning, give love it, feeding and exercise of the animals at the centre. The total of volunteer time is 2 hours per day, 2 days a week (Monday to friday).


The new second project , we needs volunteers to teach English to local children,There is nothing better than having a english speaker who will 
help with pronunciation, grammar, and spelling to assist the Peruvian
 English  teacher in the classroom.
 We have 800 children from 4 to 12 years of age, grouped into 25 children 
per classroom.
The volunteers will prepare classes daily using English books or internet material. They may also do songs or games to facilitate the learning of this language.
The volunteers are going to teach basic-level classes to children under the supervision of the English coordinator.

We offer the chance for university students to have an internship in teaching English to the children . For those studying linguistics and/or ESL (or similar categories), this would be a great opportunity to use what you have been taught in college or fulfill that internship elective. For anybody who would like to have more teaching experience (ex. for those who are studying to teach or studying other majors in college), this would also be a great opportunity to get teaching experience. Teaching English in a foreign country can give you more experience than you can imagine (not only in the area of teaching English but also in other areas of life). This opportunity can provide invaluable work experience which will help prepare the applicant for future jobs in this field or other fields.

Working hours : Flexible; Monday to Friday, 3 a 4 hours per day, all  other time is free.


- Minimum Age 17 upon application.
- CV/Resume will be requested prior to arrival for more background information on applicant.
- It is not required that volunteers have teaching experience before participating in this programme.
- Intermediate or basic level of English language.
- Spanish is not required by our organization, but it is highly recommended that a basic
level is acquired prior to arrival to assist in day-to- day life here.
- Ability to work in a team.
- Pro-active and enterprising.
- Dynamic and receptive.
- Enthusiastic.
- Responsible and committed to fulfilling the tasks assigned.
- Punctual.

All months of the year

1 week

We do not receive any governmental support or aid from local authorities. The generous contribution received from 
the volunteer fee is vital to provided these services to the local dogs and  children.
- Your accommodation is provided , as are household goods including bed sheets etc,
- Basics Meals (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian) are provided for, five days per week, three times per day. On weekends you can buy groceries at the local supermarket, or eat in local restaurants.

- Our volunteers to learn about our culture, moche, from before the Incas, which is very important in our region.
- We offer a certificate upon the ending of your placement, which can serve them for their universities or workplaces. 
- In our free time with us, you can go trekking, hiking, camping, or on a guided tour in the city. 
-We also have agreements with institutions to offer you discounted surfing lessons, sandboarding, 
- Free Spanish classes, 
-Discounted dance classes (salsa, merengue, bachata and our typical dance the marinera Norteña), and discounted yoga classes. 
-We have free tickets for concerts of reggae, rock, disco, etc.
- Free gastronomy lessons, free pastries (desserts) lessons, free bartender lessons, free folk dances lessons, 
- We offer 24-hour assistance.



We are looking for individuals or organizations that want help us to have volunteers in their web pages or websites of other organizations.

Social Media Help
Grant Writing
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The first project , we needs volunteers to help in a rescue centre for abandoned animals (primarily dogs). Peru suffers from a large population of stray dogs, many of which can be subject to harsh treatment and lack of food leading to social tensions with the local community.

The new second project , we needs volunteers to teach English to local children, who would not otherwise have access to such education due to financial restrictions.


Up to 5 people

1 WEEK: $ 74 USD DOLLARS per person.
2 WEEKS: $ 148 USD DOLLARS per person
3 WEEKS: $ 221 USD DOLLARS per person
4 WEEKS: $ 295 USD DOLLARS per person ...



calle Los pinos # 533, Trujillo , la libertad , Peru, Trujillo, Peru.


Our volunteers known the local gastronomy, they are going to learn from our culture, our volunteers go to learn and improve their Spanish.

Your Contact Person - Úrsula and Elder

: 044 656387


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