Volunteer Abroad with Animals

Volunteer Abroad with Animals

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The Biodiversity Research Institute is a nonprofit NGO that develops biodiversity research and environmental education programs for the purpose of ecological conservation.
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The center receives wild animals caught by the police and the environment ministry as pets. We work on their rehabilitation to bring them back to the wild.
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Background of the Organization:

Finca La Gran Vista was established on January 16, 2001, as a non-profit project with the aim of spreading awareness of environmentally sustainable agricultural methods to other farmers in the region. It is intended to provide an example for other farms .
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KIDO Foundation

Our local not-for-profit organization established in 1995, monitors & protects critically endangered nesting sea turtles (Hawksbills & Leatherbacks) and their habitats, carries on youth environmental education and conservation practices and train turtle/nature local guides
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Maya Universe is a social entrepreneurship project providing better quality, free education in 3 rural parts of Nepal in exchange for parents' time instead of money.
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We are a community based Organisation (CBO) that supports and empowers disadvantaged children and their families
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Iracambi is a Brazilian and US registered organisation, located in one of the world’s top biodiversity hotspots, The Atlantic Forest. Our objective is to discover better ways of caring for the forest, and to protect the extraordinary biodiversity found here, whilst also generating forest-based incom
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LAST has close to thirty years' experience working with Costa Rican sea turtles, and staff are experts when it comes to sea turtle population management, community based conservation, coastal management and volunteer assisted research.
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Tortugas de Pacuare it's a non profit organization 100% created by Costarican people.
Uor organization was funded to protect one of the most beautiful and endangered animal species as sea turtles
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We are an NGO which carries out two projects in the our city.
Our mission is to help the most disadvantaged in our community , animals (dogs and cats ) and people who are forgotten by the Peruvian Government.
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Volunteer Abroad with Animals

Choosing to work as a volunteer with wildlife has a clear benefit to your travels abroad since it will give you the incredible opportunity to mix travel with a worthwhile cause you believe in. Working with wildlife in their natural habitat isn’t just incredibly rewarding, it's also an incredibly important cause to the world we live in. The illegal wildlife trade industry, making billions annually, drives species to near extinction (a whopping increase of 7700% in Rhino poaching in South Africa alone in 6 years!). More than that, threats relating to our ‘ecological footprint’ such as deforestation, climate change effects, infrastructure, bycatch, overfishing, and pollution are just a few of the causes that contribute to the destruction of many natural habitats. There’s plenty to do - and when coupled with the right organization, how you choose to act can have a tremendous impact. 

So, WHAT can you do?

Organizations around the world offer tremendous amounts of programs and projects for enthusiastic volunteers who are looking to improve the lives of many endangered animals, so you can choose the organization and the cause that matches your skills and interests most. You can work in wildlife sanctuaries, conduct research, develop facilities, work in rehabilitation centers, promote animal rights in different places, or get involved with education in communities.

What are the benefits?

While volunteering abroad with animals can be an incredible experience for all animal lovers out there, it can also be a great choice if you’re interested in practicing veterinary, hydrology, oceanography, biology, or zoology in your future. Many organizations use innovative approaches and methods as part of their ongoing work, so with the right groundwork and matching between your interests and field of work/research on a given organization - you can have a fantastic starting point to your career.

Where would you work? 

As we’ve mentioned, wildlife conservation in particular, and volunteering with animals in general is also an amazing way to approach a travel experience: just imagine working with elephants in Thailand, big cats in Bolivia, Pandas in China, or Rhinos in South Africa. Each region faces different challenges, and organizations are often working around local issues - from deforestation to wildlife trade. Start by researching the area and choosing where it is you’re interested in travel too. Once you have that figured out - finding the organization for you is within reach. So, are you ready for an adventure? 

Latest Reviews

Close to best in the world!
"Staying for a month at IPBio Reserve was the perfect opportunity to learn about a wide range of paramount fields within the International volunteering actions. From the fascinating scientific research projects of the Institute to the discovery of the amazing World Natural Heritage that the Atlantic Forest represents, there is so much that has caught my interests.
I enjoyed every hour of the gardening and outdoor maintenance I did in the Reserve, just like all the little jobs I was given to help here and there, like assisting the biologists or taking part to local events with the school.
Working also with the partners of the Institute for the development of a community-based tourism was definitely an honour and priviledge for me, and definitely made me socially and environmentally aware of the urge to protect the gold nugget that this area embodies.
IPBio Institute is key to the conservation of the biodiversity, and volunteering there will truly make you feel part of the protection of our Future.
on 27/10/2016
Heartfelt memories
"In July I spent one month at the Valle Alto rescue centre in San Placido and without a doubt it was one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences in my life. Viviana and Frank work tirelessly and have dedicated their lives to providing a safe, natural environment for the protection, rehabilitation and eventual release of animals in their care.

Each day I was excited to wake up and connect into nature and of course be amongst all the animals with all their crazy quirks; cheeky parrots, banana stealing howler monkeys, colourful macaws, squawky parakeets, excitable spider monkeys and capuchins, adorable ocelots, Pepa the pig, fluffy owls and much more.

Work activities included cleaning the quarantine and food preparation areas, preparing food and feeding the animals (twice a day), cleaning and sweeping cages, clearing pathways, gathering food resources from the surrounding forest, repairing cages (when required), providing medical assistance (when required) and assistance when animals were released. While at the centre I was overjoyed to see the release of owls, an anteater, an amardillo, a sloth, a howler monkey and parrots.

Each week the centre gratefully received food donations from the ministry but extra food always needed to be purchased to feed the demands of a growing animal family especially when the police or the ministry brought rescued animals to Valle Alto and thankfully a local veterinarian was available to help any animals that needed medical attention.

If you want to volunteer here come with an open mind, an open heart and be prepared to work hard. The shower is cold, there is no wifi and gumboots are worth it. Take the time to get back to nature, take photographs, enjoy these gorgeous animals and have a laugh with Viviana and Frank. I loved my time here and hope to return someday.

Thank you Vivi and Frank for the memories"