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 Empower and Care Organisation (EACO)
Online volunteering on a very exciting project
Viktoria Vero
I guess I am a little bit of an exception as I have been working with EACO remotely (via online communication) in the past month, but the experience has been invaluable! Me and another volunteer have got the task to support EACO with developing new ideas for a vocational and life skills training programme for young women. Not only the task is very interesting, but it's professionally challenging, in all the right ways: we continuously learn as we progress, while we feel that we are making a meaningful contribution to the community. And the team at EACO are very responsive and helpful with information whenever we need anything. I am a big fan of volunteering, and can only recommend working with the EACO team!
Accra, Ghana
TANF, what a wonderful organisation
Matilda Usterud
If you want to volunteer in Ghana with an organisation that is serious and will treat you as family there is no one better than TANF.

I can't put in words how grateful I am to be a part of the work TANF are doing every single day, fighting for these kids. And the man behind it all, Laud Kwaku Akuffo, You are a true inspiration and a firesoul I never witness before.

Thank you TANF for giving me hope about people doing good for others. And thank you for teaching me about life, about struggles and about what really matters.

Gauchar, India
Pyunli :-)
Ira Bar
I came here completely my mistake and immediately fell in love. At first, I was a bit scared since this was my first experience working with children. Very soon, I got into it and I really feel that I have changed here in only a few days. It's lovely to see kind people like Vinod who give so much without expecting anything in return. Hope to come back again in the future :-)

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