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Nepal Friendship Society
Volunteering at NFS
Alon Sender
Amazing opportunity to have chosen NFS to volunteer !
I came to Chitwan, met my contact, Mr. Birendra, and taught computers at a local secondary school.
Highly recommended experience !
Go for it !!!!! ☺
Masaka, Uganda
Jude's Internship Experience with RIDO
I did my internship with RIDO last year and the experience was mind blowing. I appreciated the opportunity to share my knowledge and skills and learning from community where I worked. But I am most grateful to the RIDO Team for being understanding, pointing me in the right direction and best of all making my whole experience full of fun and laughter as I improved my people skills.
In Uganda a large percentage of families depend on enterprises such as poultry, diary, piggery, goat rearing to raise a livelihood. My host family owned a poultry unit. Through integration of their local knowledge and my knowledge and skills, I drafted for them a vaccination schedule and showed them how to formulate chicken feed using locally available ingredients for sustainability. We also put in place ideal bio-security measures to prevent the spread of disease.
Ecoreach Foundation
Ecoreach Foundation
Kathmandu, Nepal
Incredible experience!
Christina Rose Sprinks
I volunteered for Ecoreach for one week in October, and although I happened to be there for the week of Tihar, and didn't actually end up doing much volunteering because of the holiday, it was still one of the best weeks I've ever had whilst travelling! It was an incredible experience staying in Jhor Mahankal with the host family, who we incredibly welcoming. They were so accommodating that I spent most of Tihar feeling like a part of their family and did spend it with their family. I have genuinely learnt so much about the culture, through chatting to the family, meeting the neighbours, exploring the village and even learnt some Nepali.
Niran was also incredibly attentive and always checked in a few times a day to make sure I was okay, enjoying myself and asking if there was anything I needed. He even drove all the way across the city to pick up a coat I had forgotten the week before and booked my bus to Chitwan for me.

On the last day of my stay we did a transect walk and just from the one day I already felt I had learnt a lot about the location and distribution of resources, features, landscape, and major land uses in Khatmandu Valley. He was very efficient and really knows his stuff. So if you are looking for the chance to volunteer on a great project, in a beautiful location, whilst experiencing a genuine cultural exchange, I would highly recommend doing it with Ecoreach foundation!

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