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FreeWildlifeBrazil Celine
FreeWildlifeBrazil Celine
Iporanga, Brazil
Being part of 2 Swiss Vets dream. And having fun while helping.
Lidia Pitzalis
What would happen if you were a couple of Swiss Vets, based in the lush Atlantic Forest of Iporanga, Brazil, who worried about the fate of the wild animals coming from the illegal traffic? That the villagers will take injured animals at your home. Until that home was insufficient to take care of all these animals, enabling their return to nature.

This is how Celine Conservation Project began. The Schmid Vets partnered with the Biodiversity Research Institute IPBio and founded FreeWildlifeBrazil Celine, at Reserva Betary.

I was very fortunate to volunteer at Celine, and focus on their Tree Monitor Project. Thanks to the extensive knowledge, passion and dedication of the biologist Isaias, and the Volunteer Coordinator Marleen, I have collaborated with my friend Volunteer Iachi to do an inventory of the trees that grow at Celine. This process will enable Celine to foster those native birds that they have the trees and fruit the birds feed on, as well as plant any other necessary trees, for the long-term evolution of the Center.

I also worked on the Camera Traps, collecting their SD Cards and analyzing the videos. Which was very entertaining, as every video surprised me. I witnessed the different rodents, mammals, reptiles and birds that wonder in the Forest, during day and night. Whether is was a small rodent that quickly ran away because he spotted a predator, or a beautiful armadillo placidly bathing in the small stream by the cameras, every video, with the sounds and inhabitants of the forest, was a total thrill.

I wish Celine all the luck to get the last authorization required to focus on other animals, hence widening their focus and keep on their magnificent and necessary work with wildlife recovery and conservation.

And I hope that you too, reader, will help them, either with donations or your work.
Biodiversity Research Institute
Every little step counts.
Lidia Pitzalis
Every little step counts. Every time a volunteer joins a program, he/she impacts not only through their work, but also with the unique perspective derived from their skills and experience. And even with their relationship with the staff, local communities and other volunteers.

I have volunteered on several projects around the world and avidly fed on the passion that spurs from everyone involved in these conservation or education projects. And IPBIO was no exception. In fact, it is probably the best experience I have had so far. Maybe because of everybody’s commitment. From the passionate founder, Sergio, who will be amazed by every little frog, insect, bird or animals he sees, with you. Add the extensive knowledge of all the biologists who devoted their lives to conservation. And the amazement of volunteers, who deeply believe their work matters, sparing no effort in all their projects.

This is why I hope you too will come to Reserva Betary. And help the Biodiversity Research projects of IPBIO and Celine.

Whether it is tree inventory, bio-luminescent mushrooms, camera traps, pitfalls, as well as cave exploring. Your help will matter. And you’ll make many new, very special friends. As I did. New friends to treasure.

And, hopefully, meet again.
ALIORE Worldwide workshops
ALIORE Worldwide workshops
Montpellier, France
help me to join
Adnan Khan
hello... me ADNAN KHAN from Pakistan.... also a volunteer of PRCS..... how can I join you......

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