What we're about

People often say that Travel expands your mind.

We believe that Meaningful Travel expands your heart.

GivingWay was created in order to make volunteering abroad simple, free & transparent, so that traveling & doing good could be accessible to all.

We want to bring volunteering back to its roots, before all the noise, clutter and expensive middlemen took over. Just people & causes putting good intentions to good use.

Our fundamental belief is that when volunteers connect with non-profits on the ground, good things happen. By connecting directly, non-profits can clearly communicate their wishes, and volunteers, in turn, can direct their contribution where most needed. Working together in this way, volunteers & non-profits can make a real impact on the local communities they’ve set out to support.
GivingWay is a social impact, for-profit tech company, which is a fancy way of saying that we are using technology to support social & environmental causes across the world. Our global marketplace makes it easy for travelers to engage in a wide range of good causes by connecting with the people and organizations behind them.
Traveling today has become so much more accessible - there’s no reason why doing good shouldn’t be the same.

At Givingway We Believe That...

Volunteers & non-profits should be able to connect for free.

We don’t believe you need to pay in order to find the right cause to support so we don’t charge any subscription fees.

There should be nothing simpler than doing good.

Our easy-to-use platform provides all the info you need in order to make informed decisions about where to go & what to do.

Non-profits run by & for local communities are the real deal.

Make a real impact by contributing your resources directly to the local community on the ground.