What we're about

What We're About

People often say that Travel broadens your mind.

We believe that Meaningful Travel broadens your heart.

GivingWay was created to make volunteering abroad simple, free, and transparent, so that travelling and doing good is accessible to all. In other words, we want to bring volunteering back to its roots, before all the noise, clutter and expensive middlemen took over. Just people and causes putting good intentions to good use.
Our fundamental belief is that when volunteers connect directly with actual non-profits on the ground - good things happen. By connecting directly, non-profits clearly communicate their needs and volunteers in turn can direct their contribution where most relevant. By working together in this way, volunteers and non-profits can have a real impact on the local communities they've set out to support.
GivingWay is a Social Impact tech company, which is a fancy way of saying that we are using technology to support social and environmental causes across the world. Our global marketplace easily connects between volunteers and non-profits advancing a wide range of do-good causes.
Travelling today has become so much more available and accessible – why shouldn’t doing good be the same?