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Volunteer in Agriculture Work

Volunteer in Agriculture Work

As our population increases, there is a growing need to shift from traditional agricultural practices to something that is sustainable and efficient.

Farmers not only need to produce more but they also need to reduce water wastage and lower pollution caused by agriculture. To ensure the sustenance of future generations of farmers, steps also need to be taken to improve soil health.

People who volunteer in agriculture help local farming communities to achieve these goals. Apart from working in sustainable farms, people can join volunteer programs that aim to increase awareness about sustainable agricultural practices. These nonprofits reach out to rural communities and help them move away from wasteful agricultural practices while promoting organic farming methods.

Top destinations for volunteer opportunities in agriculture include Asia, Africa, Central America and South America

Volunteer Abroad with Local Non-Profits

Agriculture Work - Featured Volunteering Non-Profits

Biodiversity Research Institute (IPBio)

The Biodiversity Research Institute is a nonprofit NGO that develops biodiversity research and environmental education programs for the purpose of ecological conservation.

102 Reviews

Paseo De Los Monos

Paseo de los monos is a sanctuary for rescued wild animals in the middle of the Amazonia jungle.

10 Reviews

Human Harmony Nepal

Harmony Nepal organizes community development projects that address crucial needs in disadvantaged, marginalized, and rural areas in Nepal.

19 Reviews

How to Volunteer in Agriculture Work

Why Volunteer in the Agriculture Work field?

One of the many benefits of volunteering in agriculture work is getting educated on the elaborate process of how vegetables and fruits make it to our plates. Volunteers are doing their best to improve the quality of life of people living in vulnerable farming communities, which is a very rewarding experience. Working for volunteering projects abroad also presents a great travel opportunity. Volunteers who work abroad get to explore the rural landscapes of exotic foreign destinations such as India, Costa Rica, Colombia, Kenya and more.

How to choose the right volunteer organization?

The trick to a successful volunteering trip is all about picking the right nonprofit organizations to work for. For a meaningful travel experience, it’s also important to ensure that the volunteer jobs are set in destinations that present great opportunities to explore. Researching about a nonprofit’s work on blogs and forums is also highly recommended. An efficient organization should have a clear goal and a detailed plan to meet the bigger objectives.

What is it like to volunteer in the Agriculture Work field?

Volunteer work in agriculture often involves assisting in farming activities. This can mean anything from helping in harvesting the crops to making organic fertilizers. When associated with awareness groups, volunteers need to travel to remote villages to educate locals about sustainable farming and its economic and long-term benefits. Agriculture work can also entail constructing and maintaining greenhouses. People who choose to volunteer in a farm may also be required to take care of poultry and other farm animals.

Essential information about volunteering in the Agriculture Work field

Travellers who want to volunteer abroad in agriculture should not be afraid to get their hands dirty. Working in a farm involves a lot of physical activities. Participants also must be prepared to live in modest accommodation facilities away from network connectivity. It is perfect for travellers who want to escape the fast-paced urban life and experience simple rural living. Speaking the local language is always a welcome qualification. Volunteers may also need to possess the presentation skills to explain and demonstrate the modern way of sustainable farming to farmers. It is always recommended to check the local weather and set a travel date accordingly because working in the summer heat could be overwhelming for some volunteers.