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Meet the ambassador team

India Amos

India is an ENFP and an Aries, and both of these character traits are important to understanding me and how I operate as a traveler. I enjoy my independence and love the freedom of traveling alone, but I also crave a sense of community whenever I relocate to a new location. As a recent college graduate, volunteering abroad has allowed me to truly immerse myself in cultures that are not my own, and I am dedicated to promoting no-harm organizations that provide a valuable, sustainable cultural exchange program for not just the volunteer, but for the local community, as well.
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Jules and Christine

Jules and Christine are an international couple (Jules from Australia and Christine from the US) who met while volunteering in disaster relief in Peru in 2012. Since that time we've traveled around the world, working in a variety of different non-profits and providing assistance wherever needed. With a Masters in International Development, and years of experience working at local projects and traveling the world, we bring a wealth of expertise to any organization or social project.
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Marissa Sutera

Marissa has a background in marketing and international education and is the founder of Little Things Travel, where she writes about overcoming barriers in order to explore the world and ultimately appreciate the little things in life. Most recently, she launched a project called #littleBIGthings to show how travel can be a driver of positive change in big and little ways. She is a Chicago native but is currently based in Boulder, Colorado where she seeks out any adventures she can in between her travels.
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Natalie Bowman

Natalie is the founder of Partners for International Cooperation, a "swammer" (retired NCAA Division 1 swimmer), and certified RYT200 yoga instructor. My volunteering journey began at a young age for cats at our local animal shelter, and has brought me across the world working on international issues such as education and food security. I blog about Millennial life, teach everything from English to yoga, and find adventures anywhere from my hometown to remote islands.
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Sera Chalayan

Sera is an MBA candidate from Chapman University in California. She is the premier volunteer for Dum Ronalda McDonalda and is honored to serve the children and families of the Czech Republic through RMHC Global. She also provides editing and proofreading for Outside of Prague, Sera loves to build playgrounds with Kids Around the World ( and foster the #nextgeneration of leaders with Team Kids ( Her dream is to start a non-profit event planning company.
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Amy E. Robertson

Amy writes about food, travel, books, international development and more. I have a background in international development and nonprofit management and have worked in both the private and nonprofit sectors. Currently based in Lebanon, I have lived in six countries and traveled in more than sixty. I am the author of Volunteer Vacations in Latin America, and I often write about responsible travel and ethical volunteering.
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Kristen Macauley

Kristen is an Excelsior, Minnesota-based photographer specializing in travel and cultural photography.
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Chelsey Smith

Chelsey Smith (M.A.) is a media and communications professional, and global citizen devoted to universal education and equality. Chelsey's professional repertoire includes journalism, marketing and branding, movement building and campaign management. Her publication “The Technology of Hope: Twitter and the Bring Back Our Girls Campaign” examines the role of technology in new social movements, and how NGOs can best position campaigns for traction.
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Archana Singh

Archana is a Brand Strategist (Connections Director on Coca-Cola) by profession and Travel Journalist by passion. She has won many awards for her stories and quite often they are published in print media as well. Her key area of interest is exploring the offbeat places and sharing untold human stories.
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Brianne Miers

Brianne is the principal of Kind Communications, providing communications consulting and content creation services to non-profit organizations, and her blog, A Traveling Life, focuses on how to balance a professional career with a life of travel. Among many of her ongoing endeavors, she is a contributor to Immersion Travel Magazine and Ethical Traveler, and she has a strong interest in promoting responsible travel.
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Bianca Caruana

Bianca is a freelance writer from Sydney, Australia and a strong advocate for responsible tourism, fair trade and community development. She has spent much of her time travelling the world, sharing inspirational stories, connecting with grassroots organizations and showing us how responsible travel can have a positive social and environmental impact on the people and places we visit.
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