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Are you a social media influencer who’s passionate about responsible, ethical, and sustainable volunteering and travel abroad? Do you have exciting experiences, tips and advice from your worldwide travels to share with our community? Do you care about nonprofit organizations and want to help them grow?

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The GivingWay Ambassador Team is a great opportunity to promote causes you believe in to a growing community of like-minded individuals!

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Meet the ambassador team

Brittney Hofbauer

Brittney is a "Volunteer Enthusiast" and past employee of GivingWay! She is currently travelling over the next few months and then will live in Canada where she will help women and refugees as a social worker. She has travelled to 42 countries and she's still counting!! She looks forward to connecting with and visiting many GivingWay non-profit organizations around the world.
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Khorshed Alam

Khorshed is an information Management Associate of UNHCR. Looking forward to travel different country. Loves to make friends of different country with different culture. Humanitarian worker.
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Kristina Engelstone

Kristina is a hard-working, joyful human with a desire to better the world and the people in it.. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology from the University of Washington and have a deep passion for serving others.
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Imogen Kars

Imogen is an Australian gal travelling the world kindly + ethically on a budget- She runs a blog called Hazaar the Bazaar that focuses on travelling for social change and a fused world.
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Karoline Hood

Karoline moved from London to New York. She started doing wildlife volunteer programs as she loves to travel the World and be around wildlife. She also wants to help with wildlife conservation because most species are rapidly vanishing off the face of the earth.
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Rachael Ferm

Rachael is a Bay Area native passionate about expanding her communities and perspectives through travel.. She is currently a senior approaching graduation from Northwestern University in Chicago. After graduation, she is backpacking around Southeast Asia with her close friend. Returning to San Francisco in the fall, where she'll start a job in technology consulting. She loves traveling, and her travels greatly inform who she is. Prior to college, she spent several summers traveling with herself and friends throughout Europe, and staying both in the homes of European friends as well as hostels.
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Kinga Jaskulska

Kinga is a solo female traveler and adventurer who seeks for the simple beauty in every corner of the World. Nature lover and mountain enthusiast. In 2014, began her journey to Australia which totally changed her life. She fell in love with traveling and decided to spread the inspiration around the World. Founder of the Adventure Catcher website and has a Master in Finance. She inspires people through her life story and writes articles that contain conscious travel, tips and recommendations. Her mission in life is to make a positive impact on the lives of others and the environment.
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Adriana Smith

Adriana , a Black Miami-born blogger and educator, was embarrassed when she got lost in Madrid during the first two days of her study abroad program. She immediately wanted to book a flight home, but couldn’t as she was a first-generation student with no extra money. Yet, that moment defined her entire travel journey. She discovered a new perspective to life: humility and global citizenry. Blown away by the rewarding experience, she devoted her personal and professional development to connecting purposefully to each country and city. She later volunteered in Quito, which inspired the launch of Travepreneur. Catered to new, minority travelers, she empowers them to be a Social Do-Gooder Traveling the World.
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Jon Rimmer

Jon quit his Mon-Fri travel insurance management role in England due to stress overload; took some time out to re-discover his balance and re-think his life. Flew to Mexico in 2017 to begin an adventure travelling and volunteering through Central and South America; if it involves skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, scuba diving or mountain biking then he is going to experience it and tell you all about it.
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Teacake Travels

Teacake is a solo female traveller who has been focusing on self improvement through challenging adventurous travel for the last 7 years. She is starting to move her focus more to how she can now empower other women on my journey and volunteering is a great way to do this!
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Sydney Pensky

Sydney works on assignment for photojournalism publications, travel, documentary, commercial, and NGO clients and has photographed in over 13 countries around the world. Her work focuses predominantly on human stories that explore social differences, cultural diversity, and economic effects of geographic isolation. Currently, Pensky is out in the field documenting the hardships and everyday tasks of ‘Life in the West Bank Settlements’, in Itamar Israel, displaying the struggles of everyday life in the nearby co-dependent Palestinian communities and the after math of the Obama Administration and where the future will lead the settlers. Her work has been published in Municipal Art Society of New York Museum, Na’Amat USA, and the Daily News Journal.
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Nicholas Kontis

Nicholas was born on one of the most breathtaking islands in the world, Santorini, Greece, and brought up in America's culture capital of San Francisco. Nick developed a passion for travel at a very young age, going back and forth between San Francisco and Athens, Greece during summer vacation. At age 12 he learned the meaning of travel immersion by staying in various relatives homes, sleeping on couches, and learn to bake bread.
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Melanie Joy

Melanie is fueled by the challenges and rewards of travelling, giving back and embracing the uniqueness of all people
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Charlie Stone

Charlie travelled extensively since 2013 and co founded Backpacker Bible in 2015 as a purely digital responsible travel guide. She believes the travel industry has huge potential to act as a force of good. She runs a digital marketing company that allows her to work and live anywhere in the world. She has quite a lot of experience working with Non Profit organisations.
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Jonny Bierman

Jonny is grounded in the Canadian Rockies, he is an ecotourism and sustainable travel content creator who has made a career in travel media. He is he founder of the first community-based ecotourism content hub Eco Escape Travel, and hopes to grow this platform into the go-to place for sustainable travel content. Like many, he found a love for travel at a young age when he took his first '3-month' trip which evolved into an 18-month hiatus around the world when he was 19 - this got him hooked and he enrolled into Tourism Management at Vancouver Island University. When he is not building his dream in media and ecotourism content development, he spends all of his spare time on skis, in a kayak, hiking mountains, or riding bikes.
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Jules and Christine

Jules and Christine are an international couple (Jules from Australia and Christine from the US) who met while volunteering in disaster relief in Peru in 2012. Since that time we've traveled around the world, working in a variety of different non-profits and providing assistance wherever needed. With a Masters in International Development, and years of experience working at local projects and traveling the world, we bring a wealth of expertise to any organization or social project.
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Marissa Sutera

Marissa has a background in marketing and international education and is the founder of Little Things Travel, where she writes about overcoming barriers in order to explore the world and ultimately appreciate the little things in life. Most recently, she launched a project called #littleBIGthings to show how travel can be a driver of positive change in big and little ways. She is a Chicago native but is currently based in Boulder, Colorado where she seeks out any adventures she can in between her travels.
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Natalie Bowman

Natalie is the founder of Partners for International Cooperation, a "swammer" (retired NCAA Division 1 swimmer), and certified RYT200 yoga instructor. My volunteering journey began at a young age for cats at our local animal shelter, and has brought me across the world working on international issues such as education and food security. I blog about Millennial life, teach everything from English to yoga, and find adventures anywhere from my hometown to remote islands.
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Amy E. Robertson

Amy writes about food, travel, books, international development and more. I have a background in international development and nonprofit management and have worked in both the private and nonprofit sectors. Currently based in Lebanon, I have lived in six countries and traveled in more than sixty. I am the author of Volunteer Vacations in Latin America, and I often write about responsible travel and ethical volunteering.
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Kristen Macauley

Kristen is an Excelsior, Minnesota-based photographer specializing in travel and cultural photography.
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Chelsey Smith

Chelsey Smith (M.A.) is a media and communications professional, and global citizen devoted to universal education and equality. Chelsey's professional repertoire includes journalism, marketing and branding, movement building and campaign management. Her publication “The Technology of Hope: Twitter and the Bring Back Our Girls Campaign” examines the role of technology in new social movements, and how NGOs can best position campaigns for traction.
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Archana Singh

Archana is a Brand Strategist (Connections Director on Coca-Cola) by profession and Travel Journalist by passion. She has won many awards for her stories and quite often they are published in print media as well. Her key area of interest is exploring the offbeat places and sharing untold human stories.
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Brianne Miers

Brianne is the principal of Kind Communications, providing communications consulting and content creation services to non-profit organizations, and her blog, A Traveling Life, focuses on how to balance a professional career with a life of travel. Among many of her ongoing endeavors, she is a contributor to Immersion Travel Magazine and Ethical Traveler, and she has a strong interest in promoting responsible travel.
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Bianca Caruana

Bianca is a freelance writer from Sydney, Australia and a strong advocate for responsible tourism, fair trade and community development. She has spent much of her time travelling the world, sharing inspirational stories, connecting with grassroots organizations and showing us how responsible travel can have a positive social and environmental impact on the people and places we visit.
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