5 Reasons to Volunteer Over Your Winter Break

By Lisa Zigel 24 days ago

If you hate the cold, love travelling, and want to give your resume a boost, this blog post is for you, cause we’ve put together the ultimate list of reasons to volunteer abroad over your winter break.

1. ‘Tis the season for giving! (and is there anything more giving than volunteering?)

Whatever you celebrate, December is the season for kindness and giving. Volunteering abroad gives you the opportunity to really help others, whether it’s volunteering with animals, teaching kids, working to empower women, providing refugee support, helping to save the planet or whatever kind of volunteering floats your boat.

Here’s GivingWay volunteer Francesca Nyilas spreading some Christmas cheer to a tapir, while volunteering with RAREC in Peru.


2. Leave the cold behind, hang out on the beach instead (volunteering isn’t all hard work and no play!)

If you’re from anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere you’re gonna be freezing your tuches off over the holiday season. Why not leave all that frost and snow behind for a couple of weeks and volunteer in sunny and warm South America or Africa (south of the Equator of course)?

Check out this group of volunteers hanging out having fun on the beach in Kenya, while volunteering at Colobus, an awesome non-profit that is dedicated to the protection and conservation of Colobus monkeys and other Kenyan wildlife.


3. Add some firepower to your resume with volunteering experience

Whether it’s getting into that grad program you’re eyeing, or starting to build up some work experience for when you hit the job market, volunteering is a great way to get some real world experience and show that you’re passionate about a cause!

Here’s Riad Mahi, an Engineering Student from France, together with other volunteers taking a watery break from ecological research at the Biodiversity Research Institute in Brazil.


4. Volunteering is a great way to spend the holiday season with others

Not everyone has a family or friends to spend their winter break with, so volunteering abroad is the perfect way to be with others, while also being there for others!

Here’s the GivingWay Volunteer Group that helped rescue sea turtles in Costa Rica with Latin American Sea Turtles. They had a life-changing experience (in fact a few of them are even going back again next year!)


BTW, we’ve got several GivingWay Groups scheduled for Winter Break – now’s the time to sign up!

5. Volunteering is the perfect way to end the year on the right foot

What better way to say goodbye to one year and hello to the next than by having a life-changing experience that also has a real impact on the world?

Maybe you’ll even get to help rescue a sloth, like these volunteers at Merazonia, an animal rescue and rehabilitation center in Ecuador.


So really, what are you waiting for?
Find your winter break volunteering opportunity now! 


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