5 Volunteer Opportunities for Retirees

By Thy Doan on 10/05/2018

Here’s a list of 5 volunteer opportunities abroad perfect for retirees and seniors who wish to make their travel meaningful:

If you’re a retiree, now is the perfect time in your life to volunteer abroad! Your children are grown-ups, and you don’t have to be at work at 9am on a Monday morning.
Volunteering abroad is also an opportunity to check a bunch of things off your bucket list, like travelling to a new place, learning a new language, and making a positive impact in the world.

As a senior, you have a lifetime of experience and wisdom, and combining a holiday abroad with volunteering is a wonderful way to share this knowledge with people who need it the most.

GivingWay has many volunteering programs for seniors with several non-profits around the world. These non-profits love retiree volunteers: senior volunteers tend to be incredibly enthusiastic and truly excited about the opportunity to help others.

The following are 5 of some of our favorite non-profit volunteer opportunities for retirees on the GivingWay platform:

1. La Gran Vista Agroecological Farm

Where: Costa Rica

Volunteer Activities: Agriculture, conservation work, animal care

La Gran Vista Agroecological Farm is a non-profit located in Repunta Daniel Flores in Costa Rica. The organization was established to spread awareness of environmentally sustainable agriculture techniques that can be applied by farmers from the region, helping them become self-sufficient and turn agriculture into an income-generating venture.

La Gran Vista was founded in January 2001 and is managed by Donald Villalobos, an agricultural engineer with over 36 years of experience working in the Costa Rican Ministry of Agriculture.

The non-profit needs volunteers to assist with with soil conservation measures, vegetable cultivation, treatment of structural wood in farm buildings, construction and maintenance of greenhouses, reforestation efforts, and community education on farming and conservation.

volunteer opportunities abroad seniors retirees holiday farm animals conservation costa rica

Retirees who join the volunteer project can help educate the local community, helping them to learn new skills that will improve their lives greatly. As a senior volunteer, you’ll also get to learn a lot about agriculture while enjoying the rich culture and great views of Repunta Daniel Flores.

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Donald, his family, and the farm itself. Not only are they all welcoming, hospitable, and kind, but they all have unique personalities that were such a joy getting to know. I was able to learn more than I ever thought possible, Donald’s farm is a true representation of a sustainable farm. Donald himself is so fun to be around, and gently pushes you to think deeper, to be more environmentally aware. His knowledge is invaluable and his love for his country is admirable.

I 100% recommend visiting this farm to anyone and everyone.
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You can also join a GivingWay Group to La Gran Vista Agroecological Farm!
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Learn more about La Gran Vista Agroecological Farm >>

2. Kep Gardens

Where: Cambodia

Volunteer Activities: Teaching, arts, sports

volunteer opportunities abroad holidays seniors retirees teaching cambodia

Kep Gardens is an amazing place located deep in the beautiful hills of rural Cambodia. Founded by a retired couple (originally from Australia), it’s the perfect volunteer opportunity for seniors to pass on the knowledge and talents that they have learned in their lifetime, to vulnerable communities in Cambodia with limited access to education.

volunteer opportunities abroad holidays seniors retirees cambodia teaching school

Kep Gardens is a vocation training center formed in December 2006 by a couple, Andrew and Janine Judd, after their first visit to Cambodia. The couple knew they had to help the locals in any way they could after seeing the levels of poverty that were mainly caused by the lack of education. The center now has a growing number of 200 students from Kampong Tralach village and the surrounding areas.

volunteer opportunities abroad holidays seniors retirees teaching cambodia

Kep Gardens is always looking for volunteers seeking a life-changing program not only for the people but also for themselves. Volunteers are needed to teach English, art, sports, trade skills, or any other useful skills.

Retirees can benefit from this volunteer project, as it will give you a chance to connect with people from a completely different culture and at the same time help turn their lives around.

“I volunteered for 4 weeks in Kep Gardens. I’ve met lovely people, nice kids and most of all, I’ve found a place that everyone could call his or her home. Although there is work to do, I really found peace and rest in this place. As a volunteer, you feel very useful because there are specific tasks and programs organised for you. The people who work at Kep Gardens take very good care of you. […]

I would recommend this place right away to everyone who likes to travel alternatively, who wants to contribute to the local community and who doesn’t bother to live in basic conditions.
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You can also join a GivingWay Group to Kep Gardens! There is a group of GivingWay volunteers heading to Cambodia every month this summer: June, July, or August.
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3. Colobus Conservation

Where: Kenya
Volunteer Activities: Conservation work, animal care

volunteer opportunities abroad holidays seniors retirees kenya conservation animals

Colobus Conservation is a non-profit located in the beautiful East African country of Kenya. It’s dedicated to the protection, conservation, and preservation of the endangered Angolan Colobus monkeys and other primates that live in the coastal forest habitat.

Colobus Conservation was established in 1997 in order to reduce the high number of Colobus monkey being killed by vehicles on the the Diani Beach road. Since then, Colobus Conservation has flourished and expanded, and now includes other programs, including research and finding peaceful solutions for human-primate conflicts. They also conduct ecological/biological research, ecotourism awareness program, forest protection, as well as community development and education.

volunteer opportunities abroad holidays seniors retirees kenya conservation animals

The organization is seeking volunteers interested in feeding and cleaning resident monkey cages, helping with the Colobus census, caring for infants, assisting with community education and outreach projects, among others. Volunteers are also needed to assist in conducting research aimed at helping the monkeys.

Colobus conservation is a great volunteer opportunity abroad for retirees, giving you the chance to contribute to wildlife conservation, and help ensure the survival of these incredible animals for generations to come.  

“I spent 6 weeks volunteering with Colobus Conservation and can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life! There are lots of opportunities to get involved with their work first hand from attending rescues, day to day care of the monkeys, working with the local community, attending education session with local school children and more.

What makes the experience so much better is the beautiful location in Diani beach. […] All of the people involved with CC are amazing, extremely helpful and welcoming, and the meals and accommodation provided are great. I wish I could have stayed longer and will definitely go back and visit again.”
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You can also join a GivingWay Group to Colobus Conservation!
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Learn more about Colobus Conservation >>

4. Latin American Sea Turtles

Where: Costa Rica
Volunteer Activities: Conservation work, animal care

volunteer opportunities abroad holidays seniors retirees costa rica nature animals environment conservation

Latin American Sea Turtles (LAST) is a Costa Rican non-profit organization dedicated to sea turtle population management, turtle research, and coastal management. Costa Rica is known to have hundreds of beaches where turtles can be found.

LAST was founded almost 30 years ago. Their field teams are integrated with local assistants with exceptional skills and experience in turtle conservation and research.

volunteer opportunities abroad holidays seniors retirees costa rica nature animals environment conservation

LAST is always looking to work with volunteers of all ages. It’s a great volunteer opportunity for retirees as it provides a chance to contribute to animal welfare while spending a vacation on the beautiful coast of Costa Rica.

Volunteers are needed to help biologists with data collection on the endangered turtles and beach patrol at night to find any nesting turtles and relocate or protect the nest.

Seniors also get to enjoy great views, delicious local dishes, and delightful conversations with the ever-smiling Costa Rican people.

My experience at LAST was one of the best experiences I have had! Although it certainly was something out of my comfort zone, I don’t regret doing it. It opened my eyes to how prominent poaching is, and how important it is for there to be patrols to help. The people and the activities that I had to do made me feel so helpful and supportive to the community, certainly a trip that you come out from realising how much off the world you are normally secluded from. Would recommend it to everyone!
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You can also join a GivingWay Group to Latin American Sea Turtles!
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Learn more about LAST >>

5. Volunteers Peru

Where: Peru
Volunteer Activities: Teaching, girl empowerment

Located in Arequipa, Peru, Volunteers Peru is a small non-profit organization that is mainly dedicated to two projects: supporting a home for girls at risk and a public school in the village of Tomepampa.

Volunteers Peru works with volunteers to help make a positive contribution to the local community by assisting the kids with projects to fulfill their educational and personal goals.

For many years, the non-profit has assisted a lot of kids to get through education and early life safely and go on to have successful careers and happy lives. The organization offers a shelter for girls and young women aged 3-18 years who have been mistreated or abandoned. As for the school, it allows hundreds of kids to receive primary and secondary education in the rural Cotahusi region.

volunteer opportunities abroad holidays seniors retirees peru teaching school

Volunteers Peru is in need of volunteers of all ages, including seniors, either at the shelter or the school. At the shelter, volunteers can help the girls with homework, domestic tasks, vocational training help, or simply play with them. At the school, they can help teach English and skills, among other child development activities.

Volunteers Peru gives seniors an opportunity to help the next generation of young girls in Peru, and pass on your knowledge and education to the kids and help the girls feel safe.

“I volunteered with Volunteers Peru for 2 months last fall and had a very positive experience. I spent my time helping out at Casa Hogar Torre Fuerte where I was able to help care for a group of sweet, loving, energetic girls. It’s been a year and I still miss them! The volunteers I was with were also great, and I felt very supported and cared for by the Volunteers Peru staff. […]

I highly recommend this opportunity to anyone who has a love for travel, warm people, helping others, and experiencing a wonderful culture.
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Learn more about Volunteers Peru >>



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