5 Ways You Can Make An Impact On #GivingTuesday

By Aviv Hochbaum on 27/11/2016

One of the most exciting features of the online community is the incredible impact it can have when trying to rally a crowd around a certain goal or idea. Instantly – hundreds of thousands of individuals can connect and engage around one common good and help to make big things happen.

What kind of big things? How BIG is big?

#GivingTuesday, coming up this year on November 29th, is a prime example of how much can be achieved while seamlessly just sitting in front of our computers. The fact that both GivingWay and #GivingTuesday share such a core value (it’s all in the name ;)) of making huge impact online – was what helped us decide to quickly jump on board for this year’s celebration.

Above all – we want to help you find a great #givingtuesday opportunity to get involved.

Launched five years ago with the great idea of combining social media potential with the innate philanthropic character of individuals – #givingtuesday has been campaigning on the 29th of November every year since 2012 and making truly remarkable things happen. Encouraging the donation of time and resources, this movement has been bringing together nonprofits, civic organizations, businesses and corporations, as well as families and individuals—to encourage and amplify small acts of kindness.

To put this into numbers –

Last year #givingtuesday raised 116.7M dollars online(!!). This huge number came with some amazing social media presence of 1.3M social media mentions throughout Facebook, Twitter and other popular channels.

So – if you’ve continued reading until now, and you want to make sure you have a #givingtuesday plan ready- let us at GivingWay give you 5 great ways you can get involved today!

#1 Make a contribution to a non-for-profit grassroots organization here

The link will guide you directly to all organizations on the GivingWay platform that would like to receive donations to help them grow and move forward with their current projects and activities. You can read a little more about each organization, and decide exactly how much you’d like to donate!

#2  Lend your online skills.

Got some free time at home? Consider offering your online skills to organizations worldwide! You can help with a website, design some logos, promote an organization on social media, and more.

#3 Pack some goods and send them abroad.

Some organizations have made wishlists of various materials and tools which they need for different activities. Consider getting together some friends or family members and putting together an awesome package for an organization of your choice.

#4 Sharing is caring (really!). 

In the spirit of this Social Media inspired holiday, every share counts! Head over to the platform, read through some of the organizations, and share the one with a cause that speaks to you most. Your promotions online can help an organization find their next volunteer!

#5 Plan your next adventure abroad.

This #givingtuesday can be a great opportunity to begin planning for any of you that have given volunteering abroad some thought.

So – with all these great opportunities…which will you choose today?

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