A Day in the Life of a Volunteer

By james juliette on 27/01/2016

jj20Above are some of the construction site camps/slums we visit during the week. These camps house Cambodian and Burmese migrants who move with their whole family to work on a site. The children do not go to school in Thailand and generally tend to stay in the slums with no education.

Group activity under a tree at SK camp – the Mobile Training Unit which is part of the Human Help Network Foundation Thailand.jj28

The van was donated to the charity by the Japanese Government. Each day Juliette and I travel in the van accompanied by a social worker and at least one teacher windows7loaderdaz from the Human Help Network (HHN). We are driven by a very careful driver (they are hard to come by in Thailand!)  The van contains lots of buy Windows 10 Professional product Key equipment for educational games, toothbrushes and hand wash, books and normally food for the children.

On arriving at the slums we play a dance DVD for the children which they love jumping around to. This gives them the opportunity to exercise cheap Windows 10 Professional Key in a safe environment which is hard to find in their buy windows 10 professional key homes. The DVDs teach them Thai words for animals and numbers. After about 6 weeks of this video its fair to say it becomes a little irritating (although Juliette still seems to love it!)

We teach the children personal hygiene (such as brushing their teeth to washing their hands), the alphabet and numbers in English and about drugs and abuse and how to report them if put in that position.jj21 jj22

The children are always very enthusiastic to learn and are always very excited about showing us the work they have been doing as we leave them homework occasionally.
At the end of each session the children are given activity sheets and coloring. Some of the children are much better than others!

When it gets really hot the children get ice cream after their nap!

As the children are migrants they need to pay for any medicalwindows 7 key online care, money which their parents don’t have so cuts and wounds are left without being cleaned. Each day we clean cuts and woulds and dress them so that the risk of infection is less likely.



On a Thursday night we visit Walking Street which Juju has written about here. This gives me the opportunity to dress as a mascot ‘superhero’ and show everyone my now world famous dance moves!!

Without the HHN and work the MTU does these children would not receive any education at all and would more at risk of grooming and drug abuse. In addition the information collected from this http://www.motorup.com.au outreach work helps tackle the Pattaya’s problems and protect the children from the risks they face. It is a real pleasure to take part in such rewarding work and we’ll miss all the children when we leave (even the really smelly ones).

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