How To: Make a Big Difference Without Leaving Your Home

By Aviv Hochbaum on 14/09/2016

GivingWay is happy to introduce its most recent feature addition: Volunteering from Home.

Why did we add this feature?

The idea is based on the overall goal to form successful, meaningful and impactful volunteer/organization relationships. The kind of relationships that succeed in helping organizations complete tasks, bring forward new projects, and further expand existing ones. By understanding that some projects are best performed online, with different tools and skills at hand, the “Volunteer from Home” feature can help volunteers offer online support and perform various tasks, without even needing to leave their own home.

So why should you consider to volunteer from home? Here are six quick reasons.

Not ALL organization projects must be performed on the ground.

Some very important tasks that organizations often times don’t have the capacity to complete, or the access to the necessary tools to do so, are ones that require some fast internet connection and different skills such as web work, graphic design, translation, editing, fundraising, or any other similar talents. Having a volunteer fly out to the organization, only to be sitting in front of the computer all day, isn’t always the best use of time.  Surely, if these tasks can be done online, it is just as helpful to complete them from home.

It isn’t always possible to take time off to travel and volunteer.

Let’s face it – as much as we may very well want to, reality will often come knocking on our door reminding us that it’s just not the right time to take off for travels. When we want to travel for the purpose of volunteering, the good thing is that we’re doing it for two major reasons: 1. We want to get away and 2. We see ourselves as great candidates to volunteer with organizations worldwide. Though reason number one isn’t always possible, by choosing to volunteer from home you can get as much as you want from reason number two!

Volunteering from home is free.

Unlike some of the obvious travel expenses that go into travelling abroad, deciding to volunteer from home means you can assist organizations worldwide without spending a single penny. (This can be great while we wait and save up for our next trip).

Volunteering from home can help you connect with and help more than one organization at a time.

The amazing thing about being able to connect and volunteer with organizations online, is that you can offer assistance to more than one organization at any given time. More help offered means more organizations and communities that are able to receive impactful help and grow.

An online connection now can lead to a more successful on-the-ground connection in the future.

Eventually, there may come a day when you will be able to take off and travel to volunteer abroad. Having an organization abroad that you’ve already had previous communications with can be a great opportunity to head out to a new journey while already having a sense of familiarity with your point of destination. Having prior and “insider” knowledge of the organization you will be heading out to removes a lot of the uncertainty that may accompany a volunteer trip.

You can begin to volunteer….today!

It is very likely that you have internet connectivity available anywhere, anytime, and so basically you can start your virtual volunteering journey – right away!

Follow the link, check out some online volunteer opportunities, and start making a difference today.  Volunteer From Home

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