Featured Organization of the Month: Pyunli, India

By Lisa Zigel 12 days ago

Pyunli was founded 3 years ago by Vinod Raghunath Singh Kanwasi, and its mission is this:

“Help every child get a quality education, regardless of gender, economic status, or social standing.”

Pyunli is based in Gaucher,  a small town in Uttarakhand in the north of India.
The town
 is situated on the left bank of river Alaknanda, and is a 5 hour drive from Rishikesh. 

Volunteer Abroad India Pyunli

Gaucher has a population of just under 7500 people, and Pyunli’s goal is to help increase the literacy, education and skills of as many local inhabitants as possible.

Pyunli also puts an emphasis on nurturing local talents and resources, with skill development training and workshops. 

What Do Volunteers Say About Pyunli?

The volunteer reviews about Pyunli are overwhelmingly positive. Volunteers write about a life-changing experience in a “magical place” with “warm, friendly people”.

Osnat Israeli, a Yoga teacher, writes:

“Teaching yoga for Gaucher kids was a very special experience for me. As a yoga teacher I enjoyed teaching yoga in north India, where I could see the Himalayas. I could chant mantras with the kids and compare between the Sanskrit and the local language – it was so unique and amazing!
Experiencing the local daily life of the village and local school lessons was very special for me. Vinod’s family is very nice and welcoming, and the meals were delicious!”

Volunteer Abroad India Gauchar Yoga

Volunteers Needed by Pyunli

Pyunli is looking for volunteers who will help teach the English, yoga, music, arts & crafts,  origami, dance, etc.

Volunteers often help teach basic English at rural primary schools in the area, as well as any other subjects the volunteers can teach.  

Learn More about Pyunli >>

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