How YOU Can Take Part In World Humanitarian Day

By Aviv Hochbaum on 18/08/2016

This Friday, August 19th, will mark the annual World Humanitarian Day. On this day, we recognize the “aid workers who risk their lives in humanitarian service, and mobilize people to advocate for humanitarian action”.  There are countless organizations and individuals worldwide that have committed themselves to standing at the front line, landing a helping hand where it is most urgently needed.

It is incredible to see such grand display of solidarity, bravery, and humanity.

The World Humanitarian Day was designated in 2008, and strives to not only draw attention to the various humanitarian needs worldwide, but also to highlight the importance of international cooperation in dealing with these needs.

In honor of this day, check out some volunteer opportunities worldwide with organizations that are working hard to offer humanitarian support where needed. Help by sharing and spreading the word about this special day!

Join the disaster relief team, Calinog, Philippines.

In 2013, the municipality of Calinog was heavily devastated by super-typhoon Yolanda. Hundreds of houses went crashing, most totally plastered, schools and barangay buildings significantly damaged, and thousands of residents were displaced and left without a roof above their heads. More than two years after the devastation, most of the victims are still reeling from the debilitating effects of the tragedy. Since then, One Calinog Organization has been implementing different community service projects to help bring the community back on its feet.

Rebuild houses afflicted by earthquakes, Kathmandu, Nepal.

The Learning Center is primarily an education organization that firmly believes education to be the core of future opportunities and possibilities. While the organization offers year-round education classes to all levels, it also takes time to send support to those afflicted by earthquakes in the area by helping to rebuild the houses of families in the community.

Offer emergency medical support, Beau, Cameroon.

Global Medicare Foundation aims to provide medical services and access to healthcare throughout Cameroon. Aside from their ongoing projects, they also have a “disaster control” project prepared to mobilize and offer help in times of need.

Help by linking the Altos de los Mores community to agencies and organizations, Peru.

AYNI, a small but powerful grassroots organization, works with the indigenous Peruvian community of Altos de los Mores. Amongst its many activities, the organization works tirelessly to help link the community to the various health services they need to help community members that are in urgent need for care.

Ready to get involved? Start by sharing this post so others can also join in on this great opportunity and learn more about this year’s World Humanitarian Day.

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