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About this Campaign

In 2019, WHO called Violence against women a public health problem.

JHGI in partnership with Google, Giving way, is asking you to be part of our comparison to 'SAY NO TO RAPE & VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN IN NIGERIA'

Our dream is to spread the word around Nigeria, especially the remote areas. We want to create support for victims of sexual assault and rape. This is a dream that requires the support of all and we would be glad to receive your support towards the actualization of this cause


According to WARIF, as of 2004, three in five children involved in child trafficking from Africa to Europe were Nigerians

One in four girls in Nigeria has experienced sexual violence before the age of 18

One in ten boys in Nigeria has experienced sexual violence before the age of 18

One in five girls in Nigeria has experienced recurrent sexual violence by the age of 18

Over ten per cent of girls stated that their first sexual encounter had been rape

Between 2012 and 2013, about 30 per cent of women in Nigeria experienced one form of domestic violence or another

Girls are 3X more likely to be out of school after been sexually abused

Girls are 2X more likely to die from malnutrition

Girls are 2X more likely to be subjected to sexual violence

Girls are 2X more likely to get coerced into trafficking

One girl under the age of 15 is married every seven seconds.

Young girls and women are usually discriminated against in all spheres of life, including the Educational sector and even right here in our local communities, there is a high-level chance that an uneducated girl child becomes a mother before they are age 16 and this is mostly due to some form of sexual abuse or the other.

Adolescent girls are usually seen as weaker vessels that do not need the luxury of education, just because they were born female, so they are forced into early marriages to much older spouses and this gives room to continuous sexual assault under the guise of marriage.

Most times they are forced to go into street hawking to either help feed their families or to help support their male siblings to go to school, thereby ignoring their own education and putting them in extremely dangerous situations like road accidents, kidnap, exposure to drugs, rape, molestations, bad influences that may likely lead to them selling their bodies for money or material things, which could also lead to unwanted pregnancies and underaged abortions and so on.

The worst of these case scenarios is that girls that end up being caught in the web of street hawking may most likely end up becoming uneducated. Seeing that the world is evolving very fast, leaves these girls at the short end because they are not being educated and they cannot catch up with the times.

This is one of the major reasons that there is lesser availability of women in more technical and senior positions in Nigeria. Because these girls were not given the voice or opportunity to do something great with their lives.

However, we have come to understand that there are also a lot of young boys being raped and Sexually assaulted and we are working on bringing attention to that problem in our societies also.

Recently a Concern Group MENTO C and Team launched a SAY NO TO RAPE SINGLE that is making the rounds all over the country. This Campaign is not just to bring awareness of the need to help Rape victimS but also to lend your voice by donating to save a child that has been sexually assaulted.

It is based on these facts that we are calling on You to partner with us at Jesse Halliday Global Initiative by donating funds, Items or your time to help as many girls as we can stay off the streets and stay in the four walls of an educational environment in order to help save the future.

Use of Funds

The proceeds of your generous Donations and partnership Would be used to Accomplished the following

Buy a "GO TO SCHOOL" Starter pack I.e; School bags shoes, pen and pencils in order for these kids to have a Smooth Transition into the educational System

Buying sanitary pads for young girls under the age of 15 to improve their hygiene and educating them on sexual health

To help rape victims in our local communities with rehabilitation and integrating them back into society properly

To help rehabilitate Pregnant Adolescent girls so that they can be on their feet and still be able to pursue their education.

A state to state rural community awareness campaign will launch to educate families on how to handle sexual assault victims

Educating individuals and communities of the detrimental effects of sexual assault to both genders in our society.

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