Distribution of Home Learning Materials to Primary Pupils in school closure

Distribution of Home Learning Materials to Primary Pupils in school closure

Campaign by World Action Fund - Kampala, Uganda
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About this Campaign

Keeping children learning even in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and school closure as most of them can't access the current technologies and finances to buy daily data on their gadgets. We will promote the partners, through the agreeable platform and providing reading materials designed by government to rescue one of the youngest populations in the world. This project will last for 2 months before schools open, failure to deliver this basic right in emergencies and beyond means millions of young people across generations will continue to shoulder the burden of our inaction in Uganda.

Government of Uganda designed these books for kindergarten to primary seven pupils to continue learning from home, less than 2% received these learning materials, leaving majority rural poor in dilemma, as such many children have lost hope in education, others have got married, Northern Uganda alone has over 17,000 cases of teenage pregnancies

The project will support 900 pupils is remote rural areas and poor back grounds in Northern Uganda

Use of Funds

Project activities
a) Print and supply educational learning materials, designed by government for home learning
b) Support the implementation of the Ugandan government's Parent Boost (practical ideas for parents to protect and promote 3-5 year old children’s development through awareness
c) Hire teachers in hard to reach rural areas and parents who can’t understand the learning materials (group coaching 3-10 pupils)
d) Broadcast parenting sessions via recorded voice rechargeable speakers, (buying SC cards and recorded, mounted on rechargeable speakers), create virtually access notes though servers, printable (ministry of education guide) including lifelong and STEM learning
e) Mentor parents to be responsible to shun away domestic violence in front of their children and mentor adolescents from premarital sex to avoid teen marriages.