Help us improve our farming methods

Help us improve our farming methods

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About this Campaign

Organisation for Community Development Uganda is a local Community-Based Organization (CBO) duly registered with the district authorities of Budaka. The organization was initially registered at Kameruka Sub County in 2017, and later registered at the district level in 2021. Our commitment is to support vulnerable members of the community to salvage their plight and restore hope and to live socially and economically productive lives.
OCDU focuses on the youths, women and children who are socially and economically disadvantaged. We provide training in productive and income generating activities, including agriculture and artisans to skill them to be able to work and earn a living. We promote health and nutrition for children in collaboration with parents and guardians.
Our vision is to see A Transformed Society in which youths, women and children are actively participating in determining and shaping their destiny.
Agriculture for sustainable development is one of the projects of Organization For Community Development Uganda (OCDU). This project is initiated in collaboration with affiliated youth groups.
OCDU is located in southeastern Uganda in the current Budaka district, It is bordered by Kumi District to the north, Mbale District to the east, Butaleja District to the south, and Pallisa District to the west.
The community is majorly subsistence peasant country with the average annual household income at $100 for well-off families. There are high levels of vulnerability across all age brackets.
The infrastructure is limited and rural, barely supporting a high population for a rural area, even by Ugandan standards. Poorly maintained roads impede development and also impede access to outside services for those who live here.
Kameruka has three major crossroads each supporting a small village. The population within a walking area of 2.5 km of OCDU is approximately 2,000 persons, or 480 households.
This new agricultural project aims to initially help support unemployed, mostly displaced and marginalized young people from affiliated youth groups such as Kameruka Road Youth and the Bupuchai Youth Organization.
Pursuant to the organization’s mission to encourage and support the development of young people, OCDU seeks to help youth with basic or no education acquire practical skills and engage in productive income generating activities to make them self-reliant and responsible members of society.
The project teaches youth how to gainfully engage in agricultural related activities vis-à-vis production. The organization currently has access to a small area of land on a temporary basis which has been gifted to us by the PCCP. Our long-term plan is to purchase an area of land that we can use on a permanent basis to help families now and into the future.
Fred Nangweso, Youth Director and Bulolo Emanuel at OCDU, gained ideas and learned methods of planting from an Australian friend who grows citrus fruits and vegetables. This friend has offered to provide seeds and teach people in the community the planting process for sustainable development. Each crop project will take approximately eight to sixteen weeks in order to complete the planting and growing process.
We have chosen to start the program with only a few groups of youth and eventually introduce other families and neighboring communities to join us. With the proven success of this program and when we acquire sufficient funding, more and more people will be able to engage in planting and growing their own food for consumption and for sale as a means of income. Funding is greatly needed to purchase the land, seeds, tools and machinery that will be used to carry out this exciting project.
Our dream is to inspire the rest of Uganda to follow our lead and become self-sustaining.
Any size donation will be greatly appreciated. Help us make a difference.

Use of Funds

Use of Funds
We are looking to raise $4962 USD to help facilitate the program. Below is how the funds will be spent:

Purchase of Land $3,485
Processing land title $558
Purchasing seeds $289
Charcoal for making planting mixture $150
Transportation $103
Nursery bed preparation $100
Watering cans $170
Hoes $107

TOTAL $4962

Labour, water and other needed materials will be freely provided by the youth participating in this program.