Regenerative farming for Refugee Communities in Uganda (RE-Farm)

Regenerative farming for Refugee Communities in Uganda (RE-Farm)

Campaign by YICEUganda - Kampala, Uganda
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Goal is $5,000
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About this Campaign

The proposed project seeks to scale activities implemented under the RE-FARM project supported by Regenerosity. Re-Farm is an integrated regenerative farming project targeting women and young refugee farmers in Nakivale refugee settlement. The project aims to contribute to achieving healthier lives, regenerated soils and more resilient livelihoods for refugees and host communities in Nakivale. The project will achieve this by building the capacity of refugees to produce organic nutritious food as well as increasing incomes for refugees and host communities through permaculture designs, food forests and access to finance.

The project’s core activities include, mobilization and mapping of project beneficiaries with in the refugee settlement, formation of farmer groups and sensitization on group dynamics, introducing permaculture trainings, establishment of permaculture demo gardens, planting of fruit trees with in the refugee settlement, farmer outreach to support adoption and replication of knowledge learn during training and general monitoring and evaluation through regenerative diaries.

Use of Funds

1. £ 1,173.91 - Purchase of 600 fruit trees for 200 target refugee households. Each household gets three fruit trees.
2. £ 521.74 - Purchase manures to support growing of the fruit trees
3. £ 2,173.91 Deliver fruit tree sensitization and training – this will include trainings on managing the fruit trees, regenerative pest and disease management
4. £ 1,173.91 – facilitation for regenerative diaries – 30 beneficiaries will be interviewed bi-weekly over a period of 6 months and data updates shared every month.

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