Save Our Safe Space for Inclusion & Diversity

Save Our Safe Space for Inclusion & Diversity

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About this Campaign

Our Safe spaces gave room for all persons to be seen, embraced and experienced for who they are. It was always a beautiful experience seeing very diverse groups of people come together to learn and socialize in ways they wouldn't have usually been able to.

Our safe spaces created room for healing, display of talents and gifts, discussing and learning about sensitive and marginalized issues of our society.

However, our ability to do this is currently being threatened due to lack of funds. Narrowing down the number of events and gatherings to fit our almost non-existent budget has run out. In April 2021, we reached our limit saving up to organize our final safe space event.

We are looking forward to your support to rent a space where we won't have to narrow down the number of gatherings and events. Where members can walk in to get mental and physical health assistance, interact, attend our talk shows and engage in 'get together' events.

Use of Funds

1. Rent a space
2. Furnish the space
3. Pay some utilities necessary to run the space.