Global Mental Health Peer Network

Global Mental Health Peer Network

Campaign by Global Mental Health Peer Network - Roodepoort, South Africa
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About this Campaign

The GMHPN emerged to give a voice to persons living with a mental health condition and who are users of mental health care and services - this specific target group of people with lived experience had never before been adequately represented at both local and international levels or been meaningfully involved in addressing the challenges and needs that they face on a daily basis at grassroots level. Yet many possess excellent leadership potential and passion but never been given the opportunity to lead and inspire change.

The GMHPN specifically focuses on empowering and developing leadership potential to generate new global lived experience leaders, specifically focusing on the younger generation to start taking the lead.

The GMHPN’s projects and overall work in the field of mental health and human rights advocacy, aspires to have lived experience representation and mental health lived experience leadership from all 195 countries in the world, and becoming the first truly globally represented lived experience organisation in the world, who are instrumental in driving change and transformation, in every country. This is an ambitious goal, but it can be achieved through facilitating empowerment of persons with lived experience and develop leadership potential, while providing a solid support and engagement structure for emerging mental health lived experience leaders.

The GMHPN is proud that it has already become a recognized name globally and source of lived experience expertise. Through its Management and Executive Committee structures over the past year, the GMHPN had been involved in contributing lived experience perspectives and recommendations at various high-level conversations about transforming mental health and working collaboratively with policymakers, governments, professionals, researchers, and other stakeholders.

The GMHPN has a rich and diverse lived experience expertise among its management; executive structures and membership, who to date have provided perspectives and recommendations to high level strategic documents and high-level engagement platforms. At this juncture and with the increased recognition and calls for lived experience perspectives and involvement in accountability mechanisms from the global but also local mental health, disability and other sectors, it is vital to enhance and accelerate the empowerment and leadership development of persons with lived experience to become more and meaningfully involved as change makers in global mental health and sustainable development of nations. An increased diversity and broader set of unique perspectives, along with a more demographical representation of persons with lived experience will add critical information and community intelligence. This produces qualitative data and expert contributions to inspire positive change that considers contextual factors for effective and responsive mental health care, services and support at local and regional levels that’s aligned with international commitments and targets, such as the SDGs, WHO Mental Health Action Plan and UNCRPD.


Use of Funds

Human resources, internet data and telephone costs, online platforms fees for lived experience engagement, empowerment and mentorship, development of materials from lived experience perspectives.