Educate to make a difference

Educate to make a difference

Campaign by Youth Initiative Development Programme - Nairobi, Kisumu, Kenya
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About this Campaign

COVID19 has brought a lot of pain especially with family circumstances, extreme poverty, social issues, peer pressure and parents lacking education themselves are some of the reasons why children drop out of school in the impoverished communities of Kenya. Without schooling these children remain uneducated, and have no chance of developing their talents, building a future, and pursuing a career when they become adults.

All the children receive a basic education that will eventually qualify them to continue their education at a regular school. Also, once they enroll at a regular school, they will receive ongoing support and coaching.

The long-term impact of education on these children is that they will become young adults who can study for a 'normal' career, breaking the vicious cycle of poverty. Many of them grow up in the 'garbage industry', where scavenging through waste materials is the main source of income. Graduating from college or university enables them to find a good job, and helps provide for a better future.
Needy orphans both girls and boys will be given priority

Use of Funds

The amount donated will be used to sponsor 50 (30 orphans and 20 from poor families) students and also to facilitate lunch and breakfast programme. Education is power

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