Help us to build adequate sanitation facilities for children in Karagwe

Help us to build adequate sanitation facilities for children in Karagwe

Campaign by  Karagwe Education Quality Improvement (KEQI), Kayanga Urban Area, Tanzania
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About this campaign

Join us to provide high-quality education and adequate sanitation to the children in Karagwe! Every child should be given access to quality education!

Who are we?

Karagwe Education Quality Improvement (KEQI) is a Tanzania-based Non-Governmental Organization founded in March 2020. Since its inception, KEQI has worked to improve quality of education in the schools in the Karagwe District, that is the poorest district in Tanzania.

What is our goal?

KEQI is fighting to provide access to quality education to children in Karagwe. Indeed, KEQI works to implement a society where quality education is maintained as the basic human right. Education is key to poverty alleviation and sustainable human development.

What is our mission?

By donating to KEQI, you will help us in providing high-quality education to students in the schools in Karagwe. In the long run, this will help to lift families out of poverty, while reducing inequality and deprivation.

What is our project?

Our project is to build drop holes latrines, providing safe sanitation facilities, and adequate menstrual hygiene management tools for students at the schools of Ndama, Kayanga, Chakaruru, Ruicho, and Ihembe. These schools do not have access to adequate sanitation yet. Furthermore, providing health and hygiene education, is the most effective measure KEQI is taking in preventing infectious disease, while increasing education enrollment and performance.
The current drop holes latrines have led to poor sanitation and hygiene related diseases, reduced education performance, and increased absenteeism. Some young girls are not attending schools when reaching puberty, due to failure of meeting hygiene needs during menstruation. It is important to note that an estimated 842,000 people die each year from diseases caused by unclean water, inadequate sanitation, and poor hygiene habits. Majority of Karagwe residents are small scale farmers and are incapable of improving this poor education quality.

Join us in helping these students to have access to adequate sanitation.
Every donation counts, the future of these children depends on you!

Thank you for your support and thank you for them!


Use of Funds

In order to ensure parents and students of Karagwe secondary schools to have access to clean water and adequate sanitation facilities, the funds will be used to mobilize construction resources for sanitation facilities. Therefore, $15,292.60 will be used for the construction of 20 drop holes latrines at Kayanga and Ndama secondary schools. There will be 10 drop holes latrines at each school.