Put a Smile on a Child's face this Christmas in Rural areas of Uganda

Put a Smile on a Child's face this Christmas in Rural areas of Uganda

Campaign by Power Minds Youth Organization - KASANJE, Uganda
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About this Campaign

Every Christmas Power Minds Youth Organisation reaches out to vulnerable families of Children in various villages in Uganda together with father Christmas to take Christmas to those kids in great need.

Many kids in rural remote areas of Uganda wait for 12 month to eat a decent meal which include Meat, Chicken, Rice, Irish Potatoes Matook (Banana), receive sugar for tea and aso taste milk in their homes.

To many kids Christmas without a Coca Cola, Fanta or a Bottled drink or Soda cannot be Christmas.

To them Christmas is also about receiving a shoe on their feet some for the first time others as a new shoe, receiving a nice shirt,dress, trousers.

Others seeing father Christmas is a story that is taught at school that's why we take father Christmas with us.

To many kids receiving a Toy or a Doll on Christmas is a lasting annual gift that comes once a year.

To others that's when they receive good Shelter or major basics of life from Power Minds Youth Organisation.

This Christmas we are doing it again even with Corona Virus Pandemic.
We will take Father Christmas with every gift that can make a child happy.
Our goal is to raise hope to the families that were greatly affected by Corona Virus thinking life has ended.

Please join us this festive Season as we take father Christmas to the kids.
Donate to our cause and you will surely see kids smiling all way on Christmas.

Use of Funds

What we intend to use the donations for.
- We will renovate a house for children's families that are in a bad state or build a new house for kids families living in temporally structures.

- We will buy Food for children in different families like cow meet, chicken, rice, matooke, sugar Blue Band for Bread, Loafs of Bread, cooking oil etc

- We will buy Beverage drinks like Sodas for kids

- We will buy She's for kids, Clothes for Kids and Xmas decorative items

- We will buy different Christmas Toys for kids

- We will hire bouncing Castles for kids to play on Xmas at a play ground.

We believe with the Grace of God and support from you, Christmas won't be a Corona Virus Pandemic for vulnerable children in rural Communities of Uganda.

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