Water please

Water please

Campaign by  Kwamama, Manaba, South Africa
$136.9 (3 donors)
Goal is $4,000
3 Complete (success)

About this campaign

Kwa.mamas project Water Please is aimed at funding one shared solar bore hole at a time.
Changing hopelessness into victory!
Cvoid 19 has forced the focus onto hygiene and sustainable production of food benefitting the local community soup kitchens at schools across a 15kms radius.
Water is life giving and needed desperately by the very poorest of poor peole living in a dry, semi arid region of northern KZN Zululand South Africa..

Use of Funds

6 small creches currently with approximately 20 toddlers each means that 20 homes would all have access to clean drinking water in different areas.
These small independently run organisation have the space to create vegetable gardens inside preschool fencing. (Cow goat n chicken protection.)
Machine drilled hole costs R20 000 each
Solar pump and panels cost R35 000 each
Pipes and water storage tank on built stand R10 000 each.
Professional drilling operators are needed to drill successfully and attend the installation on site.