Building a Puppetry Project for youths focusing on HIV/AIDS, mental health and Covid19 prevention.

Building a Puppetry Project for youths focusing on HIV/AIDS, mental health and Covid19 prevention.

Campaign by PetaPata Puppets and Animation - kampala, Uganda
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Goal is $1,000
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About PetaPata Puppets and Animation

We are skilling, educating, equipping children in school and youth out of school about public health,environment,climate change,waste management, prevention of HIV//AIDS,Early grade reading(ECD)education, road safety, domestic violence, child labour,Refugee management, Human Rights, ChildProtection, Girls and women empowerement, Boys project, creation of educative animation videos,

About this Campaign

Covid has ravaged the world without sparing Uganda. Many children and youths on ARVs haven't accessed hospital care and many more youths haven't got access to family planning and HIV/AIDS testing services. In 2010 alone 1,400,000 people were living with HIV. HIV incidence per 1000 uninfected —the number of new HIV infections among the uninfected population over one year—among all people of all ages was 1.4. HIV prevalence—the percentage of people living with HIV—among adults (15–49 years) was 5.7 %.( UNAIDS) Between January and May-1500 youths have acquired HIV/AIDS in one region of Uganda. HIV/AIDS still remains a silent killer even amidst Covid 19 pandemic

Our Project is meant to educate the youths in rural areas about HIV/AIDS, Covid19 virus and mental health prevention, and modes of safeguarding one's self at the family and household level.

Our mode of education will be online and offline using puppetry shows and animation which are easy to pass on messages to with a wide appeal and humorous/light entertainment-The methodology is called "edutainment"

Use of Funds

We shall buy 1 laptop, puppetry materials (locally made), internet connection (website upgrade to accommodate videos).

We shall carry out HIV/AIDS prevention messages using puppetry to youths living in slum and rural areas of Uganda.

We shall set up and pay for a toll-free counseling phone line for youths affected by COVID 19, seeking HIV/AIDS counseling services, and those suffering from depression or mental health.

Budget expenditure: Total budget 1,000$.
500$ computers, animations software, stationary, Internet.
300$ Puppetry design/modeling, animations studio, puppetry modeling. Puppetry stage, scriptwriting, recording, distribution.
200$ community awareness roadshows, networking with local leaders

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