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A world where orphans, widows, elderly and disadvantaged youth are economically and socially empowered and are champions of change in their lives and communities

About this Campaign

1000s of Ugandan children between 4 and 15 years have left home to work and live on the street suffering hunger, poverty, abuse and violence with no hope of a positive future.
A drive through the heart of Kampala, Uganda’s capital city is very telling. Scattered in different locations throughout the city are a group of Northern Ugandan children begging. Most, if not all, are children between 1 and 15, some too young even to walk. Though some are too young to speak, most have been taught how to open a hand to passers-by. They beg at every traffic intersection in Kampala for 10 to 16 hours each day for their food and for money to give the "handlers" or "Antie" who traffic and control them. They live in unconscionable conditions in the "Kisenyi, Katwe and Soweto"- slums of Kampala without access to running water, rudimentary hygiene or nurture, often without shelter and subject to severe abuse. The same way in lira city many children are base on streets due to war which has lasted in northern Uganda for over 2 decades, through its Child Transit Centre, SEVAC Foundation will provides a secure base for 50s of these children each day, and a beacon of hope for 200s more. The centre will offers literacy classes, sports program, and instruction in basic hygiene, medical care, art workshops, apprenticeship training and much more. We work with lira city authorities and others to help raise awareness about the problem of child beggars. This campaign will identify, rescue, rehabilitate and return the child beggars back home. Our staff are highly trained and skilled in this work and are sensitive to all issues. With our resources at SEVAC Foundation and your support, we can offer a real alternative to life on the street to these children.
Over the past 2 years, 107 lost, missing and trafficked children have been reunited with their parents in lango.

Use of Funds

By Donating to “TAKE ME HOME” campaign, you will help us rescue these children from street and slum situations in lira city, rehabilitate them at the transit centre, stop this phenomenon and return the children to safe homes in families and communities, where each child feels a sense of belonging through a secure attachment to caring adults, as well as work with communities to prevent children from coming to the street.
About 50 children are supported each week, and about 300 indirectly. Those individuals involved in organized begging will be made aware of the consequences.
What we are going to do!
Rent a secure base for 100s of street children to shelter from harm, and provide a beacon of hope for 300s more.
Reach out to children in their own environment through our outreach workers and gain their trust by providing pull factor goods such as sweets, biscuits, soft drinks to children during our outreach work to help us be-friend the children.
Provide medical care, assessment, and counselling services to overcome the traumas of the street.
Provide warm woolen blankets to children for the cold rainy days.
Provide a full set of clothing for the homeless children including shoes.
Provide food, and care for children at the transit centre on daily basis.
Buy furniture for the classrooms: 100 desks and 100 chairs. At the moment the children who are in the catch-up education program use benches for sitting and meals.
Buy writing books for all children in the catch-up education program. This will help street children start building their future.
Buy assorted reading materials – Text books that match the national curriculum for all the children that go through our centre and other needy children in the surrounding communities enrolled under Universal Primary Education (UPE) schools and do not have access to such reading materials.
Help trace children’s families, and once they are reunited, provide support to ensure that the family has a sustainable income, and that children can return to school or vocational training.
For children with nowhere else to go and nobody to turn to, we will continue providing protection and opportunity.
As the campaign manager, I am going to use my Social Network to spread the word about how important “TAKE ME HOME” campaign is to the street children in Uganda.
To supporters of this project, I will give continuous updates of the progress of the project using Picture and Video posts.
This campaign will enable 250-400 street children to move from a life of vulnerability, exclusion and poverty to a life within a positive family or community where all household members are healthy, emotionally well, safe, educated and trained and economically independent.

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