SONGAMBELE MARATHON “Run to improve the lives of people with Spinal Cord Injury ”

SONGAMBELE MARATHON “Run to improve the lives of people with Spinal Cord Injury ”

Campaign by Songambele Initiative Organisation - Moshi, Kilimanajro, Tanzania
$879.8 (9 donors)
Goal is $5,000
17 Complete (success)

About this Campaign

Based on the Tanzanian population and international estimates, we can calculate there are approximately 1,680 new cases of Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) each year in Tanzania, and there are currently more than 2,500 people living with SCI, all of whom face tremendous difficulties and prejudice as a consequence of disability involving loss of movement and sensation.

Due to insufficient rehabilitation and the frequency of complications associated with paralysis (such as pressure ulcers and urinary infections), people with spinal cord injuries are marginalised even within the disability movement, and as such are frequently overlooked by mainstream development interventions, such as education, income-generation or HIV/AIDS awareness programmes. This makes them some of the most excluded and vulnerable people in low-income countries.

When a person sustains a spinal cord injury, it is necessary to re-learn how to manage basic bodily functions such as the bladder and bowels. Checking the skin regularly to avoid potentially fatal pressure ulcers, as well as learning mobility skills, such as transferring to and from a wheelchair and doing ‘wheelies’ over rough ground, are essential to a disabled person’s health and mobility.

Lack of wheelchairs has subjected a lot of people with disabilities to be bed ridden which has caused a lot of them to suffer from depression and pressure sores which are the number one killer of people with SCI's

Use of Funds

The overall goal of the project is to improve the survival and quality of life for people with SCIs through the provision of appropriate wheelchairs

One wheelchair cost 220$

Your generosity save lives!

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