Help Opiyo's food security project

Help Opiyo's food security project

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About this Campaign

My name is Ashby Patrick the CEO of Voluntary Initiative Support Organization operating in northern Uganda’s post conflict/ refugee hosting communities.

Am fundraising for a food security project for Opiyo (an orphan living with three other siblings Amuru district in northern Uganda). Opiyo and his community members including refugees from South Sudan depend on mainly agricultural harvest to support food and money from sales of their products in the nearby market. Their agricultural activities are often affected by climate variability. In the last 20 years alone, Uganda experienced 7 droughts with regular incidences of extreme temperatures, seasonal shifts and reduction of rainfall.

Since Opiyo and his community live in a hard-to-reach location with limited access to internet and digital technology . VISO works jointly with the meteorological department to collect, analyze and disseminate the critical information relating to projections to beneficiaries such as Opiyo and his community members.

This information supports decision making of local farmers using the timely and accurate data for proper planning of farm-based activities, post harvest handling and sustainable livelihood for Opiyo, his family and the community in general.

Use of Funds

We are looking to raise 5,000$USD. We will use 1500$ for training of staff, 1500$ for digitization/IT infrastructure, 2000$ for outreach activities.

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