Support Refugee Rape Survivors in Goma, DR Congo

Support Refugee Rape Survivors in Goma, DR Congo

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About Global Refugee Leaders Forum/ Humanite Plus

We are a charity and a human rights organization based in DRCongo

About this Campaign

Global Refugee Leaders Forum is a collective of refugee leaders working to advance the the rights, the protection and well-being of refugees in Central and East Africa. Global Refugee Leaders Forum started in 2019 and currently is working on issues affecting refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Eastern DRC.

While the eastern part of DR Congo has been at war for the last 25 years and with the sudden eruption of Nyiragongo Volcano 500.000 people were forced into internally displaced camps where they are confronted to a severe humanitarian crisis.

Sadly, in these camps, women are among the most vulnerable groups of people and are constantly being victims of rape. We created this campaign so that we can provide psychological support, medicine, food and shelter for these women.

A Note from the Campaign Owner:

I want to acknowledge that the key factor in why I am hosting this campaign is that the opportunity to do so is not available to people who live outside a select number of “wealthy” countries. I admire and support the work of the Global Refugee Leaders Forum and it maddens me that, as a Canadian, as a white person, I am put in the position of financial intermediary for an organization that is acutely aware of what their community needs and is bold enough to ask for it.

Use of Funds

The funds will be used for:

1. Provide food;
2. Pay for medical bills;
3. Psychological support and;
4. Get a shelter for them.