Her Health Matters

Her Health Matters

Campaign by Sustain Micro Enterprise - Jinja, Uganda
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About this Campaign

SustainMe works with the most vulnerable categories of women (single and young mothers, widows, grandmothers, victims of domestic violence, women living in extreme poverty, HIV/AIDS infected and affected) and children who live in isolated and hard to reach communities in rural Uganda.

Majority of the women and children have poor health and to make matters worse can not access medical care. They are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, malaria, backpains, infections, waterborne diseases, typhoid and many other preventable illnesses. To access a medical facility, the women and children have to walk over 20kms. However because of the distance to get to the medical facility and poverty both combined, the women and their families end up living in poor health state and in most times leading to death.

We, at SustainMe, believe that health plays a key role in enabling vulnerable women and their families to escape the cycle of poverty. This is why we have launched Her Health Matters to respond and provide the women and children living in isolated communities access to quality medical care including medical checkups, medical supplies and treatment, health 4 her talks and campaigns, medical camp, hygiene and sanitation classes and sensitization.

Would you please help us?
By joining us on this fundraising drive, you will be helping the women, children and families living in isolated communities gain access to quality medical care and have more time to concentrate on their livelihoods, save some money and in a long run work their way out of poverty.

Use of Funds

The funds will be used to purchase medical supplies and medicine, hold health 4 her talks and campaigns.

We are looking to raise $7000, we will use $6000 to purchase medical supplies and medicine and in addition run health campaigns/messages while $1000 will be used to hire medical personnel to carryout the medical outreach and camp.

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