10 Scholarships for kids with disabilities.

10 Scholarships for kids with disabilities.

Campaña por Adacapia Autismo - Cuenca, Ecuador
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Acerca de Adacapia Autismo

ADACAPIA AUTISMO es una asociación de padres, amigos, amigas y profesionales, decididos ha abrir nuevos horizontes y brindar nuevas oportunidades a todas las personas que se encuentran dentro del espectro autista y otras condiciones

Sobre esta campaña

Raise funds for 10 scholarships for children who have sensory needs that limit their ability to access school education.

Adacapia in agreement with the LaCross School develop homeschooling programs for children who due to their sensory or learning conditions, do not adapt to common school environments.

Adacapia opens the doors to students with specialized professionals.

The program helps to overcome the school discrimination that exists towards neurodiverse people, such as those who are within the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Uso de los Fondos

Personalized school education for children 1-1 .
Permanent training for parents, maximum groups of 4 children.
Adequate sensory environment
Development of Social Skills with trained personnel.
Curriculum adapted to each individual.