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About this Campaign

Health Militia’s ‘Saving Both Generations’ seeks to confront and help eliminate the precarious circumstances of Expecting Mothers.

Our comprehensive intervention will eliminate the Three - Delays conditions of accessing health care in 30 Rural Communities. A sustainable Maternal Health program to save close to 15 expecting mothers and unborn children per wee in 22 communities and 8 health centers. This programs will eliminate Malaria related deaths in rural areas especially among children of school going age.

This is NOT a One-Time project, it's perpetual, so the impact of your support REMAINS.

Contributing 80% of the Maternal Health achievements in any jurisdiction we operate as envisaged by the SDGs by 2030.

Every PREGNANT WOMAN is considered to be ‘At-Risk’ of developing a complication. This can also affect the Unborn Child.

There are known life-threatening Medical Complications that can lead to Maternal and Infant Mortality, as well as Maternal Morbidity, which may occur during pregnancy, labor or childbirth. Few of which include:

-Postpartum Hemorrhage
-Preeclampsia and Eclampsia
-Maternal Sepsis, and Postpartum sepsis / Puerperal sepsis
-Obstructed Labor or Labor Dystocia
-Preterm or Pre-mature birth

Therefore, series of medical activities must be undertaken with the aim of determining pre-existing medical conditions of women – before and during pregnancy, as well as after childbirth. This is to prevent INDIRECT OBSTETRIC DEATHS by investigating for Indirect Medical Risk Factors. Some include: Diabetes, Anemia, Malaria, High Blood Pressure, Hepatitis B, and other Infections.

There are also Socio - Economic and Community Risk Factors that serve as major obstacles limiting rural people from accessing health services. Such as:

 Poverty
 Distance to facilities
 Lack of information
 Inadequate and poor quality services
 Cultural beliefs and practices

Infant and Maternal Mortality remain the facts of life in rural Ghana. In fact, circumstances for expecting mothers have not been satisfactorily, and the rural communities are the most affected.

The World Health Organization has also affirmed that inadequate health facilities, long distances to health facilities, lack of effective and efficient transportation systems, inadequate health personnel and the inability to afford the cost of health services as major obstacles limiting rural people.

HEALTH MILITIA has a responsibility towards this, and has taken up the challenge. Therefore,

We defy barriers, traveling to cut-off communities, Investigate, Find the problem, Intervene, and Blow the Whistle.

Our ambitious goal is to get rid of Maternal and Infant Mortality especially in the Rural Settings, by focusing on these three most important areas:

1. PREVENTING INDIRECT OBSTETRIC DEATHS: We investigate Medically for all Indirect Medical Risk Factors that often trigger Obstetric Complications, then we activate appropriate responses.

2. COMMUNITY RISK FACTORS: That is, confronting the Socio-Economic and Cultural Causes of Maternal Mortality.

3. AVOIDING DIRECT OBSTETRIC DEATHS: Applying our Safety- Net protocols, we Collaborate and Mediate to mitigate Health Service Risk Factors responsible for Direct Obstetric Deaths.

Using our 'INTEGRATED MOBILE MATERNITY LABORATORY' to carry out series of medical activities with the aim of determining pre-existing medical conditions of women - before and during pregnancy, as well as after childbirth to prevent the Common Direct Causes/ Obstetric Complications of Maternal Mortality and Morbidity. Confronting the Socio - Economic, Cultural, and Community Risk Factors of Maternal Mortality
Our comprehensive strategy is how we make it happen. Donate and Join us!

Use of Funds

- Medical Supplies and Workshops
-'Inclusive Socio-economic support'
- Transportation for expecting mothers from Rural to medical facilities
- Power Generator
- Medical Van