Support The She-Tech Boot Camp For Young Girls and Women (First Batch - August - October) 2022

Support The She-Tech Boot Camp For Young Girls and Women (First Batch - August - October) 2022

Campaign by REVAMP Africa Foundation - Lagos, Nigeria
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About this Campaign

One of the prevailing problems faced in Nigeria is abject poverty which has led to the increasing rate of mortality of women, especially during childbirth and in turn reduced the economic development of the country.

The Bureau Statistics report shows that about 67% of Nigerians live below the poverty line. However, research has also shown that teenage girls and women are more vulnerable to poverty than men.
The effects of poverty amongst them have led to education deprivation, limited options to work, build or start a business, technology incapacitation, sexual exploitation, and exposure to adverse health conditions, to mention a few.

Further research has shown that unemployment is the bedrock of this prevailing problem in Nigeria. The effect of COVID-19 has led many out of jobs. Majority of the Nigerian girls and women live with no hope for the future nor think of providing solutions in any little way.

In support of the Sustainable Development Goals of zero hunger, no poverty and gender equality, decent work and economic growth, we have launched the ‘SHE-TECH BOOTCAMP’, a digital and life training programme for female youths.

Through the She Tech Bootcamp, 150 young girls would have the opportunity to learn both tech and life skills over 3 months. This affords them an opportunity to become self-employed or build a career in tech. They become self-sufficient and able to provide for their families in any little way. Through this means, we take our stand in the fight to reduce the rate of unemployment in Nigeria, especially amongst females and bridge the Gender Equality gap based on women and girls in tech.

Over the years, we have been able to impact over 30,000 students through our financial literacy workshops, 60 teens and youths attended our skills training programme, with 24 new jobs provided and businesses started. At the end of the programme, internships will be provided to at least 25 participants of the ‘SHE-TECH Bootcamp’, as we did in the previous year.

We urgently seek your support to help empower our young girls and ladies, because an empowered female produces an empowered nation.

We are aiming to raise a minimum of USD10,000 to empower 150 teenage girls and young women to help them become tech-savvy, self-sufficient and financially independent.

Kindly share our fundraiser link with a friend, colleague and family.
We implore you to help raise awareness of our cause via various social media platforms.

Thank you!

Use of Funds

Procurement of at least 10 laptops to ensure hands-on learning for each participant per batch - $2,100

Purchase and provide materials to aid facilitation/training of 150 participants - $1,200

Boot-Camp Program logistics for 150 participants including transportation/data support - $5,000

3-months Internship support (Post-training) - $1,700

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