Autistic center construction in Mwanza -Tanzania

Autistic center construction in Mwanza -Tanzania

Campaign by  Living Together Autistic Foundation, Tanzania
$1,510.9 (30 donors)
Goal is $210,776
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About this campaign

We know that autistic children has to get their rights of knowldge,therapies and treatments as at our region and near regions of lakezone we don't have center to accommodate these kids as their number increase daily and most of them they are not accepted at normal schools in stead parents who are well-off can take their kids to other places for services and those who can't afford they stay with these kids at home with no services..So through reasearch the organisation has realise that there is need of having center so that these kids to get these services under one umbrella

Use of Funds

To construct the center in Mwanza-Tanzania which will accommodate 100 autistic children with therapies ,skills and knowledge