Promoting Creativity and Financial Independence For Young Vulnerable Girls in Eleko LGA, Lagos Island, Lagos Nigeria: Through Skill Acquisitions i.e Fashion Design, Computer Literacy and App Development.

Promoting Creativity and Financial Independence For Young Vulnerable Girls in Eleko LGA, Lagos Island, Lagos Nigeria: Through Skill Acquisitions i.e Fashion Design, Computer Literacy and App Development.

Campaign by JESSE HALLIDAY GLOBAL INITIATIVE - Port Harcourt, Nigeria
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About this Campaign

Eleko is a partly serene residential neighbourhood located in Ajah, with an approximated population size of 105,000 people, and is a local settlement for low-income indigenes. The community is popularly known for Eleko Beach which plays host to the majority of the residents in Lagos and outside Lagos who come for tourism purposes. The produce from the beach serves as the communities a major source of income, consequently leaving the majority of the young girls and boys

within the community helping their parents to sell these products without thinking about schooling or gaining skills that will lead to financial independence.

The Community plays host to a number of SMEs, two Clinics, three major Schools and two Churches. Despite these perceived developments, the majority of the young girls in the community have never attended a school and or are out of school due to their parent's inability to pay the requisite fees needed. What is the way forward?

Developmental Needs

Research has shown that the presence of a constant power supply is directly proportional to the level of development in any Locale. Sadly, the Eleko community has not recorded any trace of power supply in over 6 years, consequently leaving the community highly underdeveloped. Hence the need for developmental interventions in the community.

Project Brief

Project Description

This project is carried out by Jesse Halliday Global Initiative. This project aims to empower young girls in the Eleko Community, to develop and increase their ability to think creatively, with a targeted goal of reducing poverty and enforcing financial independence. To do this, we will focus on three major areas of skills acquisition;

1. Fashion Design
2. Computer Literacy
3. App Development.

Project Objectives

This project is set out to achieve the following objectives;

1. Youth Empowerment
2. Skills Acquisition
3. Poverty Reduction
4. Community Development through technological development
5. Increase in employment opportunities within the community
6. Reduction in teenage marriage and child brides

About the Team

Jesse Halliday Global Initiative is an International NGO and our Staff is made up of IT experts, ex-Project managers, Accountants, and well seasoned and experienced managers. We are tech-savvy, passionate about reaching the unreached and ensuring that no person/community is left underdeveloped. We are focused and passionate about development, hence we believe strongly in project sustainability, which is why all our projects are designed uniquely.

We’ve assigned Cordelia Ilori as the official Project Lead for this project. She will be your point person and will be responsible for making sure our team stays on time and makes decisions together. We are known for delivering quality projects and our reputation can attest to this.

Project Scope

Our team will dictate the process and deliverables, but we expect your endorsement and funds to ensure that we deliver a quality project. We understand the nature of projects, especially with the uniqueness of your community, hence this project will deliver the following;

1. Fashion Design Trainings
2. Computer Literacy
3. App Development

These deliverables will be achieved thus;
1. Fashion Design

a. Training
b. Assessment
c. Showcasing of sown clothes
d. Induction into JHGI Creativity Academy

2. Computer Literacy

a. Training on how to use a Computer
b. Assessment
c. Induction into JHGI Creativity Academy

3. App Development

a. All participants on this Program must pass through our literacy academy
b. Assessment
c. App Development
d. Induction into JHGI Creativity School

Project Phases
1. Phase 1: Fashion, Computer Literacy and App Development
2. Phase 2: Fabrication and Mechanical Skills


This project seeks to train and empower 500 young girls within the eleko community every six months, with the sole target of promoting Financial Independence. The training must precede the fashion week and Computer literacy

Use of Funds

The targeted funds would be used to purchase and run the following;

A. Fashion School

1. 20 Sewing Machines
2. 20 Dummies
3. 50 Pairs of Scissors
4. 20 Packs of Tailors Chalk
5. 20 packs of Pearl head Pins
6. 20 packs of Measuring tapes

B. Computer Literacy and App Development

1. 20 Laptops
2. Subscriptions for Office Suites
3. Subscriptions for Design Softwares

C. Training

1. Tutors
2. Organizing fashion weeks for runways will help showcase their work done so far and giving them an extra push in doing better.
3. Showcasing the developed Apps

D. Creativity Facility Maintenance

1. Facility Manager
2. Security
3. Water
4. Cleaners

Call for Action

We present you with a wonderful opportunity to change and transform lives. We consider the empowerment of the girl child as integral to the sustainability of homes, families, Communities and Nations. So we say join us in making a difference in the lives of these girls and you will have a generation indebted to you.

To join us, simply donate towards the achievement of this projects' targeted fund of $40,000.

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