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About this Campaign

Gender equality is not just a goal: it is critical to the survival of the planet, the realization of the rights of all girls and women, and to building new economic and social systems that include, and work for everyone. COVID-19 has laid bare critical gaps in equality that have left millions of women and girls, particularly those who are most marginalized, behind.
MAWA is pleased to join hands with UNWomen through Generation Equality Forum to foster gender equality in economic justice and development through providing gender equality in entrepreneurship programmes from 2021-2026. In Tanzania, 51 percent of women work in the informal sector as employees and owners of micro and small enterprises. These women often depend on public spaces and social interactions which are now restricted to curtail the pandemic. A United Nations Policy Brief on the Impact of the COVID-19 on women warns of different impacts on economic and productive lives of women and men. This is attributed to the fact that across the globe, women earn less, save less, hold less secure jobs and are more likely to be employed in the informal sector.
Long-term commitments to avert current trends should consider scaling up efforts to ensure:
• The establishment of a supportive and enabling environment that will facilitate women entrepreneurs’ access to digital and financial services
• The promotion of women’s participation in managerial and leadership positions in entrepreneurship ventures
• Entrepreneurship work environments free from violence and harassment.
Only when care is put at the centre of social and economic policies will a better future of entrepreneurial work for women and men with family responsibilities be possible.
The need
Amartya Sen argues, development should be thought of as an expansion of freedoms and opportunities for all. A growth path that does not explicitly integrate all parts of the population does not lead to real development. The main barriers to girl’s economic equality in Tanzania are: time poverty lack of education; lack of assets and access to financial services; in the case of entrepreneurship – a difficult legal and regulatory framework and lack of access to business development services; and cultural norms which see women’s role as carrying out household chores and caring for children. It is high time now for communities in Tanzania to be educated and persuaded to take girl’s equality in entrepreneurship.

Use of Funds

To conduct girl’s economic equality campaign through entrepreneurship awareness and skills building programmes to primary and secondary school girls in Tanzania.
i. Build girls’ entrepreneurship gender awareness as per SDG 5 through discussions, debates, media programmes, seminars and workshops
ii. Build girls entrepreneurship skills through productive livelihood skills training, motivation, hackathons and empowerment
iii. Provide entrepreneurial business support services to girls through mentorship, seminars and workshops
BIMJA intends to impact more than 5000 girls from pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary learners scattered in Tanzania. The project wants to see not only girls are actively engaged in entrepreneurial works but also benefit from the fruits of engaging in such viable opportunities. We therefore ask your support, contribution, donation, partnership and expertise to help uplift entrepreneurship gender equality in Tanzania.
Any level of donation would give hope to our desperate teen girls and their families during this time.

- $5 can buy an entrepreneurship skill book for a girl.
- $50 provides a tailoring machine for a girl to start her own venture.
- $100 provides a girl with power to organise fellows and start small scale company for nurturing her business skills
With the difficult decision to promote gender equality, we are facing the fact that we don't have any stock left in a matter of days to help our girls. This means we may not be able to promote economic gender equality to as many girls as possible.

We urgently need to raise $15 500 to ensure we are around to continue our mission of making sure every girl attains entrepreneurship skills to be able to work and earn income as boys.

Will you help today by making a donation for us to be able to purchase items through this difficult and challenging time?

We value your contribution!! let's Lift gender equality in entrepreneurship

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