Emergency funds to cover Ibrahim Patrick funeral

Emergency funds to cover Ibrahim Patrick funeral

Campaign by Youth In Action Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS - Moshi, Tanzania
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Goal is $2,700
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About this Campaign

We are very sad to share with you the sad news, we have lost our beloved human (Ibrahim Patrick) it has been long and sick since after he got an accident (he was hit by motorcycle ) He undergone several surgeries and until God called him he was in Hospital.
Due to brain damage which has been discovered some few months he became very weak and attending hospital in every month . We thank all who helped him during his time and fighting for his life.

But are very pleased to present to you this fundraiser as to support pay the medical expenses , cover all funeral and burial costs.

Use of Funds

We are looking to raise $ 2700 , We will use
1. 1550 $ to cover medical expenses that has been used for the past 21 days .
2. 650$ purchasing of coffin
3. 300$ preparation for digging the grave
4. 200 $ Transportation from hospital to Ibrahim home and to the Grave yard

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