Help Feed 10 Households with Vulnerable Children for One Month.

Help Feed 10 Households with Vulnerable Children for One Month.

Campaign by Holystic Nutrition Organisation - Obuasi, Ghana
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About Holystic Nutrition Organisation

We are transforming the lives of vulnerable children by giving them access to prevention and treatment of acute malnutrition in Ghana

About this Campaign

Help provide food relief for 10 children, who are at high risk of being malnourished again. These children were successfully treated in our SMALCHILD Program for malnutrition, but risk being malnourished again, due to poverty and the ill-consequence of the pandemic.

We will be giving each child household a FOOD RELIEF BOX which can support their nutrition for ONE MONTH. Every food relief box contains
- 5kg of Rice
- 2kg of Beans
- 1L of Vegetable Oil
- 30pcs of Eggs
- 30days Micro-nutrient Supplement
- 400g of Milk Powder
The content of our food relief box will provide access to critical food, improving the food security of these households to ensure, the targeted children do not get malnourished again.

Many children are at a very high risk of malnutrition due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from interruptions in food systems, making food expensive, the livelihoods of many households have been heavily affected.
Previously malnourished children from poor households are even at a higher risk of becoming malnourished again, because of the lack of economic access to nutritious food. That is why we are raising funds to provide food relief for these vulnerable children to ensure they do not get malnourished again.

Our projects have impacted over 3,000 children under 5yrs across 41 communities in the Obuasi Municipality of Ghana.

In response to COVID-19, we supplemented the diet of 1,500 children for one month, whilst 25 vulnerable individuals ( 15 children and 10 mothers) received Food Relief Boxes to prevent malnutrition.
We have successfully provided free treatment for 230 acutely malnourished children ($120 per child), saving them from death and a gloomy future.

Use of Funds

Use of Proceeds
Your gift will be used to buy food commodities to fill the food relief box. It costs $50 to supply one Food Relief Box to a child. The listed food commodities cost a total of $40 - each child will receive one box.

We will use 20% of the fund will be used to cover administration costs (service charges by Givingway on donation; transportation for procurement food commodities; transport to communities for donation; and packaging).

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