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Imagine Academy

Campaign by Imagine Her - Kampala, Uganda
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About this Campaign

Young women in Uganda are in critical need of opportunities that will bridge their skills gap and provide them with the opportunity to become
economically independent through attainment of secure, reliable incomes.

We, at Imagine Her, believe social entrepreneurship and leadership training offers a huge opportunity to address the overwhelming economic and education imbalance for young women in Uganda. This is why we have launched the Imagine Academy: a 3-month leadership and social entrepreneurship training program. The Imagine Academy will equip female entrepreneurs in Uganda with the skillset to launch their own social enterprises in local communities and provide them with hands-on
mentorship from local business and civic leaders.

The development and delivery of the Imagine Academy consists of three

Phase I: Infrastructure Development - Construction of a training facility which will include a dormitory and design labs to accommodate the women through the 3 months of leadership training.

Phase II: Curriculum Delivery & Mentorship - Series of classes and experiential learning opportunities on adaptive leadership and social entrepreneurship. Phase II will also consist of a mentorship program where participants are paired with a business or civic leader.

Phase III: Social Entrepreneurs’ Financing - The graduates of the program are provided with a revolving seed fund to kickstart and grow
heir viable enterprises. This is a non interest-based loan payable 3 months after the enterprise has commenced operations.

The Economic Situation in Uganda – By the Numbers:
Uganda’s youth, particularly women, face mass underemployment as an
outdated education system has led to a critical disparity in the skills and
knowledge that students acquire and those that are needed to enter into meaningful and sustainable employment. The gap forces the majority of young professional to enter the informal job sector where they are faced with unreliable incomes and very few opportunities to build their skillset to move into more sustainable, full-time employment.

94% of 15-29 year old women work in informal jobs (UBOS, 2014).
Jobs in the informal sector often expose women to financially unstable and unsafe environments, increasing their risk of abuse, sexual exploitation, and domestic violence, as well as early marriage and adolescent pregnancy.

56% of women between 15 and 49 years of age reported having experienced physical violence

22% had experienced sexual violence at least once (UDHS, 2016)

How You Can Help:
Donate now to the Imagine Academy to provide female social entrepreneurs with a one-of-a-kind leadership development training to set them on the path to economic independence.

Learn More About Imagine Her
Imagine Her promotes women’s socio-economic independence in Uganda, preventing vulnerability and exploitation through delivery of social entrepreneurship training and experiences. Our programs provide women and girls with skills in business development and leadership to attain sustainable incomes. We are also creating a systematic shift in girls’ and women’s reproductive and maternal health rights by focusing on reforms centered on community integration and participation.

Use of Funds

80% of the funds will be used for the construction of the design lab and equip it with state of the art equipment to support the learning needs of the young women.

20% of the funds raised will go towards the building on the revolving loans that will awarded to the young women as a start-up capital.

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