Help us to build a secondary school for girls in Karagwe district, Tanzania

Help us to build a secondary school for girls in Karagwe district, Tanzania

Campaign by Karagwe Education Quality Improvement (KEQI) - Kayanga Urban Area, Tanzania
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About this Campaign


Young girls in Karagwe district, Tanzania between 11 years old and 22 years old are facing several hurdles in their search for secondary education. Many have been forced to walk three to five miles to and from school. As the treacherous walk takes place at both dawn and dusk, these girls have been vulnerable to sexual abuse en route. With a higher risk of abuse comes a higher risk of pregnancy, and in a society that believes “pregnant girls have expelled themselves from education.”. Therefore, Karagwe Education Quality Improvement (KEQI) is seeking to establish a boarding girls’ secondary school to provide a better education opportunity to these girls. This school is expected to provide lower secondary education and will accommodate 300 girls per year.


According to the World Bank fact sheet (2020), 300,000 children in Tanzania were unable to start secondary education due to lack of space over the past two years. Meanwhile, among enrolled students, 60,000 students drop out of lower secondary school, half of them girls, per year. In this number, 5,500 girls drop out of school due to pregnancy per year..

In Tanzania today, enrollment rates for secondary school are significantly lower than enrollment rates in primary school. World Bank fact sheet (2020) revealed that in 2018 Tanzania’s primary school enrollment reached 10.1 million while the secondary school enrollment was 2.2 million in the same year. Furthermore, Tanzania country report (2018) depicted that for every 100 children who are enrolled in Standard I, only 15 finish the basic education and qualify for further studies. Thus, your donations will help us eliminate these challenges and help girls to succeed in their education.


With your donations, Karagwe Education Quality Improvement (KEQI) will be able to construct a boarding girls’ secondary school within the next three years. After construction, this school is expected to provide 300 girls with the right to education each year. The organization has designed model to provide girls with a rich education that will benefit them and address the challenges they face throughout their education.

This model will aim to boost access and retention rates of students at KEQI girls’ secondary school. This model project not only implements more dormitories for girls, but also significantly increases health, sanitation, and nutrition services as well as granting education scholarships access to girls who are disabled, extremely poor, orphans and those who have been expelled from education due to cultural norms of Tanzania societies. In addition, this model will include school-based initiatives such as teacher training, tutoring sessions, and girls’ leadership program to retain girls at school.


Girls who will obtain their education at KEQI girls’ secondary school will be able to marry later, have fewer and healthier babies, have higher family incomes, less likely to contract HIV/AIDS, tolerate less domestic violence, and give their children better care, thereby reducing infant mortality rates and participate in decision making pertaining to economic development of Tanzania.


Karagwe Education Quality Improvement (KEQI) is a registered Tanzanian NGO that aims to support rural children and youth especially girls access high-quality education.

KEQI is entirely run by volunteers and this project is led by Berthold Mwesigwa who is a graduate from St. John's University of Tanzania and Ambrine Dumas and Khawla Jaidi who are graduates from Seoul National University.

Additionally, we are more than willing to answer any potential questions at the email address available on our website.

Use of Funds

Please Donate to help us improve girls' and women's access to and advancement in the learning and teaching and contribute towards the achievement of gender parity and equality in education in Karagwe district, Tanzania.

Since KEQI’s team consists only of non-paid volunteers, we will use all donations received to cover the costs of the construction of the school which is USD ($) 138,961.23. From this amount USD ($) 102,644.20, USD ($) 25,628.15 and USD ($) 10,688.88 are the total funds required for the purchase of materials for construction, school furniture and labor costs, respectively. `

Please Donate to help these girls to have access to proper lower secondary education.

Every-donation counts, the future of these girls depends on you!

Thank you for your donation and thank you for them!

KEQI Team.