Educating girls with purpose

Educating girls with purpose

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About this Campaign

The Republic of Guinea-Bissau is one of the poorest countries in the world and has about 1.9 million inhabitants (2020), with more than half of the population being younger than 24 years old. The country was ranked 175th on the UN Gender Inequality Index 2020. Education levels are critically low and the education system have been dramatically deteriorated in the past years due to poor governance.

Girls and women have the highest rates of illiteracy and are still far from getting the same opportunities and treatment as men. The discrimination and violence against girls and women are widespread, and the concentration of women working in the informal sector and in farming earning extremely low wages is significant.

We are building an all-girl school to support the country in its strive to achieve the SDGs with particular focus on Quality Education and Gender Equality (SDG #4, SDG #5, SDG #10 and SDG #13).

Npili School was initiated by the local NGO Atena Foundation and aims to support marginalized girls and women and improve their access to quality education. It also aims to design qualitative learning spaces that decrease the school’s dependency on donors.

A new pre-school to secondary school facility will be built in different phases allowing for evaluation and improvements along the way. From the start, climate change and rapid urbanization, which creates new challenges for all of us, especially for poor communities, will influence the design. In responce to these challenges this project incorporates sustainable construction techniques, solar energy, rainwater harvesting and composting latrines into the design. In addition, one hectare of the site has been reserved for gardens and self-sufficient food production.

The education will follow the national education plan but will also include support the education of parents (vocational and financial training to the mothers, to help scaleup their business), growing of crops and education in nutrition.

The first phase is underway with a kindergarten pilot project, opening in October 2021.

Use of Funds

This first phase (pilot project) entails the construction of a kindergarten pavilion, water hole and school fence. The facility will serve 25 students between the ages of 3 and 5. The preschool pavilion was constructed by a team from the Ensalma community using local materials such as clay blocks, recycled glass bottles and thatched roof. Five women from the community have been trained as kindergarten teachers and are ready to start teaching as soon as the school is operational.

We are looking to raise US$ 85,000:
- we will use $40,000 for Water pump which will be used for school, inclunding agriculture activities and also to supply clean water to the community
- we will use $ 20,000 to build school clay bricks to increase security. Girls are vulnerable to gender based violence, therefore, building a safe and happy environment is our top priority.
- $ 5,000 pay the builders and build school playground.
- $ 20,000 to build school library

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