Help us acquire a Braille Embosser

Help us acquire a Braille Embosser

Campaign by Redemption International For The Blind - Jos,, Nigeria
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About Redemption International For The Blind

We are a charity promoting inclusive education and blind literacy in Nigeria. This we do by reducing academic textbooks used in Nigerian schools into accessible formats for the blind, including, braille, audio and electronic. Please join us in this fight.

About this Campaign

One of the greatest social injustices against humanity is to deny a child of education, more so, a blind child.
Imagine yourself reading from the primary school and graduating from the university without reading a single textbook? What kind of a graduate would you be?
This is the hardship most blind students in Nigeria go through, as they begin and finish their education, from primary to tertiary, without a single textbook in accessible format.
In the words of Plato, the philosopher: "Knowledge is food to the soul".
Inclusive education is a Human Right most deserving of our support.
The rationale behind Article 24 of the United Nations Convention on The Rights of Persons With Disabilities, (UNCRPD), on the Right to Education for Persons With Disabilities, and most especially, the 2013 Marrakesh Treaty, which is an international binding Treaty granting copyrights exceptions to the Blind, the Visually Impaired and the Print Disabled on all published works:

When you educate a blind child, you are empowering the blind child to be productively engaged, earn an income, attain personal fulfilment and fully prepared to meaningfully contribute to the overall growth of the community.
Since December, we began the production of textbooks in audio format, in Jos, Nigeria, a good step in the right direction, you would say?
Yet, much more is needed, to give the Nigerian Blind Child equal access to sound and quality education in the most appropriate means of communication: "Braille". Hence, this campaign!
Available statistics suggests that less than 1% of all published books is accessible to the blind in the developing world, wherein reside over 90% of the World's blind population: › section › digital › news › books-without-borders...

Please help us acquire an Evarest Index Braille Embosser to enable us transcribe textbooks used in Nigerian schools into braille for our teaming blind students.
For more info about the machine we are campaigning for, please kindly visit this link:
Thank you for your kind donations!

Use of Funds

The fund essentially would be used to purchase an Evarest Braille Embosser, needed for transcription of books into braille for the blind.

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