Give Food, Shelter, and Medicines for Refugees in Myanmar

Give Food, Shelter, and Medicines for Refugees in Myanmar

Campaign by Myanmar Free Ambulance Foundation - Yangon, Myanmar
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About Myanmar Free Ambulance Foundation

Providing EMS to the people of Myanmar!

About this Campaign

Since the failed military coup swept the country of Myanmar on the 1st of February, 2021, over 230,000 people have been displaced due to fighting, state sponsored violence, and the threat of torture and death. 90% of these people are hiding out in the jungles, despite the harsh rainy season that will last till November.

They have no food, medicines, or tarps to use for shelter from the rain, which is why we have stepped up to the plate, to provide for those needs.

We've already started sending aid to remote locations, and we will keep sending aid as long as we have any funds to do so. Please join us in helping these brave people get through this dark time!

Use of Funds

All funds donated will be used strictly for buying food, medicines, and shelter supplies, and to cover transportation costs to get these supplies where they need to go safely.

We take nothing for administrative costs whatsoever, as we have a separate campaign for that. GivingWay does take their own cut, however, for administrative fees on their end.

Approximate cost of items for the refugees (exchange rates may vary on a daily basis):

It only takes about $10 to feed a family for a week, including items such as rice, dried legumes, salt, oil, and baby formula.

It takes around $40 to buy a tent large enough for a family of 4-6, or around $20 to buy a large roll of plastic material to be used for making shelters. Hammocks cost about $3-10 a piece, and mosquito nets about $12 a piece (4-6 people size).

Medicine costs vary pending on what is needed, but first aid kits cost roughly $15-20, and simple medical supplies are very affordable. OB Kits cost around $15-20 as well, and Covid-19 Prevention materials are affordable as well.

Water filtration units cost around $500 a piece, and currently 22 units are still needed, which will serve displaced populations around the country (around 230,000+ people)