Help bringing quality English lessons into the poorer schools

Help bringing quality English lessons into the poorer schools

Campaign by Volunteer Teacher Thailand - Khao Lak, Thailand
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About Volunteer Teacher Thailand

An award winning charity teaching English to underprivileged children.

About this Campaign

Our mission is to bring quality English lessons into the poorer schools that cannot afford to hire native English speakers. The Andaman coast is a big tourist destination. School leavers who can speak English can find year round posts with large hotel chains. It means they can take wages back to the villages and help lift their families from poverty. If there are no English speakers locally, school leavers from richer areas farther away will walk in and take these jobs, leaving the locals to work as porters, cleaners and dish washers. Low wages and seasonal work.

I came to Thailand to join the Tsunami Volunteer Centre in 2005. I came to build houses but because I was a teacher, they begged me to join the English teaching project. One Friday afternoon I was appalled to hear the volunteer teachers saying “What shall we teach next week?”
I began searching for Government approved text books and drew up a curriculum for each school year. Then I used this to begin building a library of lessons for the volunteers to use. No more ad hoc decisions on what should be taught, but curricula to follow. I began making lessons with lots of pictures – A4 coloured pictures, laminated with Velcro tabs so they could be used repeatedly in different schools.
The Tsunami Volunteer Centre closed but asked me to continue the English teaching programme. They left me all their office equipment but the trucks had been rented, so they went back. I had sold my house in England so I had enough money to buy a pickup truck and have the back converted to carry passengers – Thai style – a roof and two rows of seats with roll down plastic sides for the rain.
We were doing well. Each volunteer pays 150 USD to join up. I had a Thai manager to liaise with the schools. The library of lessons continued to expand, now covering Years two and three. The volunteers preparation time was spent familiarizing themselves with each lesson and copying worksheets for every child. The old photocopier kept jamming which was intensely frustrating, so I bought a good copier for $3000.

Things do come in threes. Covid means no volunteers so no income. Not a problem as I use my savings to keep going.
Then the hospital amputated my left leg and charged me $11,000 for the privilege. There went the last of my savings.

Meanwhile - a friend helped out when I came out of hospital, then helped herself to the truck's papers and took a loan against it. She left town and the loan shark came and took the truck.

The truck was used to deliver volunteers to small village schools up to 20 km away. Without the truck we cannot get to these schools.

Use of Funds

Once the Covid situation has been overcome we can be self sufficient again, but we cannot buy another truck.. In Thailand there is no market for old bangers, I think the last generation bought motorcycle scooters. so there are very few 25 year old cars. That means we are looking at thousands of dollars for a ten year old truck.

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