Campaign by  Justice Tourism Foundation, Kampala, Uganda
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About this campaign

Most families in Kahangi village earn their living by working as casual laborers in tea farms, while other families have been relying on tourism for income which has been severely impacted by the effects of the Covid19 pandemic. And others own small vegetables kiosks where they sell items each day and have now been stripped off their livelihood during this current COVID – 19 pandemic lockdown which has been enforced by the government throughout the country. All schools have been shut, both private and public transport has been banned and all non-food shops and market stalls have been forced to close. The local food shops are not able to get their regular supplies which has resulted for many communities to suffer from food shortages. Where food is available, the prices of basic items such as beans, salt, potatoes, sugar, rice and others have more than doubled. There is no government support package to assist these rural communities.
The whole of Uganda has been on lockdown for the past eight week now. But what happens when you lock down a country in which most people live from hand to mouth and are completely dependent on their daily earnings? Since Uganda went into quarantine with total lockdown followed with a curfew many vulnerable families go empty stomach with no food to eat.

It’s not yet clear how long the lockdown will last, and whether more severe measures will come into force very soon. A strong sense of compassion drives Justice Tourism Foundation towards the cries of those in need during this trying times . We cannot close our eyes and ears to the our communities where we work . We refuse to fold our hands and watch while they pine away in hunger.

We know that COVID-19 is impacting many aspects of your lives, and of course across the global, but if you feel financially able to support us through these unprecedented times, it will be greatly appreciated as you and us join our hearts and hands to show our kindness by saving the lives of these desperate vulnerable families in Uganda . This is the time – now more than ever – show your kindness and to help out your fellow human beings, especially in countries where people aren’t privileged enough to receive government funding. Every dollar counts and will contribute to helping out Ugandan families in need!

Thanks in advance and we will keep you updated on the latest! Any amount of donation shall be greatly appreciated.

Use of Proceeds

Your donation will be used to purchase food packs such as rice, corn flour , sugar, salt, cooking oil, soap, and medicines for more than 200 families in Kahangi village near Fort Portal town in western Uganda.

Every dollar counts and will contribute to helping out Ugandan families in need!