Help Us Establish a Vocational Center for the Needy

Help Us Establish a Vocational Center for the Needy

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We are a charity organization that empowers women, youths and children with knowledge and skills to overcome all forms of poverty

About this Campaign

Keep Alive Missionary Ministries -Uganda(KAMM Uganda) is a Non profit organization found in Uganda (Africa) operating in the most impoverished community of the Eastern part of country with its offices based in Kumi District.

The Eastern part of Uganda has been intensively affected by insurgency, extreme climatic changes, inter tribal wars, outbreaks of diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Ebola, cholera and cancer, which diseases has negatively impacted the economy of this part of the region.

KAMM Uganda is training women and children in essential knowledge and vocational skills, aimed at enabling them to start small and sustainable projects to generate income for their lives and families. We have been working in this community for the last 5 years and we know and understand the problems and needs affecting this region.

Right now, we are helping 330 women, 177 child mothers, 210 girls living with HIV/AIDS and 775 critically vulnerable children aged 3-17 years mainly through the provision of life skills such as tailoring, hair dressing, computer knowledge, bee keeping, shoe making, carpentry, building, business skills, and health.

The vocational courses are done 3 days a week and with your help we will be able to build our own Vocational Center, where we'll give the courses on all of the skills mentioned above.

Use of Funds

The funds will be used for the:

1. Construction of 5 moderate classrooms for vocational skills class lessons - 29,000 USD
2. Purchase of additional vocational equipment, machines, and tools (such as tailoring machines, hair dressing equipment, computers, carpentry tools among others) - 6,785 USD
3. Training materials (trainee materials) 1000 USD

Every little help counts :)

KAMM Uganda & supported Community local contribution :

One member of KAMM-UGANDA Organization has already donated the community one plot of land for the construction of the community vocational classrooms.

Caregivers, women and girls within the supported community together with the KAMM workers are willing to provide unskilled labour for free ones the funds for constructing the vocational center are realized.

The local Government Authorities in Kumi are ready to provide Security and support supervision once the work on the construction of the vocational classes rooms begin.

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