Education for 100 poor Children of Uganda northern region

Education for 100 poor Children of Uganda northern region

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We are a community based Organization working to benefit disadvantaged children and single mothers in northern region of Uganda

About this Campaign

Do you know that 6 of 10 Children in northern region of Uganda do not have access or attend school because of extreme poverty, HIV/AIDs infection caused by rebel war in the region for 20 years?

According to UNICEF, Uganda has 2.5 million orphans; 1.2 million of them are orphaned as a result of AIDS and war, and majority are in the northern region in Uganda.

These orphans face numerous challenges, one being that they have no access to education. As we all know, education is the process of acquiring knowledge, skills and values from an experienced person or source. Education is not only very vital to Ugandans, but to the world as a whole; it increases the chances of better life quality. It is the key to a better future, and ultimately breaking the poverty cycle.

Education goes beyond the walls of the schools; it even teaches valuable skills such as respect, love, appreciation, endurance, perseverance, determination etc. which in turn will help children to become better adults, able to live peacefully with others in their communities.

Education also helps with practical skills development such as playing football, singing, drawing, weaving mats and baskets, making ropes, and anything that can create a source of income.

For over 20 years the insurgency of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), led by Joseph Kony, has produced great suffering in Northern Uganda, including some 1.5 million internally displaced persons (IDPs). UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Jan Egeland recently termed the situation among the worst humanitarian disasters in the world. In February 2004, in one of the most horrific atrocities since the conflict began, the LRA massacred approximately 200 civilians in Lira District where we work to support disadvantaged Children who have never gotten opportunity to attend school.

Children and Women suffered more than any other person in this insurgency. many of them ran to the streets of our cities for refuge without their parents to protect them because they are killed, many children were also abducted and girls were raped and killed.
If orphans are not provided with education, they will remain rooted in their troublesome and glum lives, often without food, clothing, medical care and shelter since there is no place where they can get these essential needs met.

Your financial contribution will bring hope and joy in the lives of these children who have never thought they can attend school like other able
children do, above all, their future will be rebuilt through your financial support.

Use of Funds

All the proceeds will go to:
1- School tuition
2- School Uniform(cloth)
3- Shoes
4- Meals in School
5- Medical

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